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Big cats, raptors and sand dunes; My safari to Kgalagadi and Marrick


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In June I went on safari to Kgalagadi on both the South African and Botswanan side as well as the Marrick game farm located near Limberly in South Africa.This was the most enjoyable trip not only due to the wildlife we saw but also to the company that was with me in this trip.I was with @Sangeeta,Dave Matthiesen, Bill Vanderpoel, and Ianthe Weerasooriya. They were all great to travel with and the made my safari more enjoyable. P1230307.JPG.66b9aa78c3476dfc44b5be45513b0cd0.JPGP1230300.JPG.2ac8ddef9a3235a8087afb6491f511f9.JPGP1230308.JPG.6d9deec850e0746a1d7f537e3a6d24c6.JPG

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Nice views on union's end, was there in April....amazing place

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Where there still that many snakes? I never experienced so many snakes as this year in Kgalagadi....

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  My March KTP highlight was snake-related too. Looking forward to the details, snakes and all.

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The trip began on the Botswanan side of Kgalagadi National Park. The park's infrastructure is less developed here. We camped in tents here. We got to see meerkats both here and on the South African side of the park. The sightings of big cats were as good here as in South Africa.






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@JPSand @AtravelynnYes I saw plenty of snakes but unfortunately did not take any photos of them.

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Which part of Botswana side have you been? Just Rooiputs or also Mabuasehube? The lion looks like on some pan but the cheetah rather on Nossob riverbed? And thee building looks for me like Polentswa in rebuilt stage ;-) but it couldn't be , right? it is closed.

I would like to know where you have seen the animals :-)

Thank you for report, @optig!

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It was winter in South Africa and it was terribly cold in the Kgalagadi.I was so happy that I brought a sleeping bag which I needed when we camped both in Botswana and South Africa.I also bought wool underwear which proved to be much more comfortable than I expected.I though that it would be terrible itchy but it wasn't.I also had to wear a scarf, two jackets, gloves and a knit cap under my bush hat.


@ElenaHWe went to both sides of the Botswanan side of Kgalagadi.







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The birdwatching was excellent. The sightings of raptors was particularly good.








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I did not need to get Covid tests for any of these countries which made things easier.I stayed at the following places;

  • Mabua Mpaya Campsite in Botswana.
  • Nossob camping in South Africa.
  • Gharaghab desert camping in South Africa.
  • Nossob Chalet in South Africa.
  • Mata Mata Camping in South Africa.
  • Rooitpus Lodge in Botswana.
  • Matopi in Botswana.
  • Marrick Game Lodge in South Africa

The following photos are all from my great friend  Dr.Dave Matthiesen.


















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Great photos @optig

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Thanks for the report @optig!


A Jackal catching a Namaqua dove, and an Aardwolf! Wonderful. I assume the Aardwolf was at Marrick?

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