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Bay of Needles excursion - photos:









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Oque Pipi Waterfall / Obo National Park Principe - walk - 3 hr


After a wonderful breakfast at Roca Sundy set out as a small buffet in the beautiful blue-green dining room, we set out for Obo National Park which covers most of the southern portion of Principe Island. Obo is even more lush than the rest of Principe. We drove from Roca Sundy in the north of the island south to the perimeter of Obo NP, on the way passing through the capital of Santo Antonio (more on this later), and via a few old rocas and a lovely lookout - Ilheu Caroco mirardor over Obo NP. When we reached the perimeter of Obo NP we started our walk into the park via an old stone and dirt road that was once the route of the rail line that connected to Roca Infante Dom Henrique deep inside what is now the NP. (When I return to Principe I will definitely do the full day hike all the way to the Roca now overgrown by nature.) About 30 minutes into our walk the trail turns off the road and starts to wind up into the deeply forested hills of the park towards Oque Pipi waterfalls. The hike takes about 1.5 hours to reach the waterfalls, which are impressive! There is a small pond below the falls which you can swim in. 


We were told of a local 8 year old boy who was playing on the perimeter of Obo NP with his older brother when they became separated. The older boy returned to their relatives home just outside the park and the locals immediately sent out a search party for the younger boy - for days and weeks they looked for him. About 1 year later a fisherman in a remote area of the NP caught sight of a human and thought could this possibly be the lost boy. He managed to appraoch the boy (who was very frightened) and brought him back to San Antonio where he was reunited with his parents and brother. He was very skiddish with everyone and it took him a long time to readjust. He survived in the forest on clams and coconuts. The lost boy is now studying in university. I found this true story remarkable on many levels and it exemplified how dense, remote and large Obo NP is within the context of Principe island.




























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Sundy Praia - afternoon


We stopped at Sundy Praia on the way back to Roca Sundy to drop off the Norwegian couple who were staying at Sundy Praia. I decided to spend the afternoon at the beach and by the pool at Sundy Praia and I arranged to get a lift back to Roca Sundy later in the afternoon. HBD guests are welcome to spend time in both properties during their stay. I loved the pool at Sundy Praia and spent my afternoon alternating between the pool and the beach, relaxing there with a cool tropical drink made of local fruits and a bite to eat for lunch. I spent most of my afternoons between the beach and the pool at Sundy Praia. 


Here are a few photos of the Sundy Praia property - pool, beach and pool bar/cafe area.
























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Wow, your trip to Sao Tome & Principe sounds like an absolute adventure! Those photos are stunning – I can practically feel the tropical vibes radiating through them. Can't wait to read your trip report and hear all about your experiences there. I recently came across this website, https://thaitriplover.com/nightlife-entertainment, and it seems like there's so much fun stuff to do there. Just thought I'd share in case anyone's planning their next adventure! While it might be a bit of a detour from the Sao Tome topic, it's always cool to explore different travel destinations. The vibrant culture, delicious food, and bustling streets seem like an absolute dream.

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2 hours ago, JosieSeton23 said:

Wow, your trip to Sao Tome & Principe sounds like an absolute adventure! Those photos are stunning – I can practically feel the tropical vibes radiating through them. Can't wait to read your trip report and hear all about your experiences there.

Welcome to the forum, @JosieSeton23.  Do you have a special interest in Sao Tome & Principe.  Perhaps you googled this destination and it brought you here?

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