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Not Boaring - Imfolozi and the Berg


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The next part of the trip will be a few photo's from the Drakensberg.

There will be a few bird and Hiking photos. 

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Those Guinea Fowl chicks are the smallest I've ever seen. Right out of the egg!

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You had really productive drives with some great sightings 

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Peter Connan

A lovely family trip! Imfolozi sure looks like it's worth another trip.


The as-yet-unidentified spurfowl is Crested francolin.

But the Bee-eater is a European.

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Many Apologies for the late return to this trip report.

Thanks, @Peter Connanfor the bird ID's.


For the next part of the trip we stayed in the Drakensberg Mountains and at Mountain Splendour eco resort - https://www.mountainsplendour.co.za/.

The hosts Iain and Su are fantastic and very accommodating

It actually looks like you are more in Europe than in Africa.

It is a great spot to base yourself on exploring the Mountains, you can hire mountain bikes (they have a bike shop that also does repairs) and plenty of nice hiking trails.

The bird life around camp is also pretty good.

Views from our cabin.






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A few of the birds from around our Cabin.

Hadeda Ibis


Cape Turtle Dove?? - @Peter Connanmight help here :) 


African Hoopoe - there was a pair that had a nest in the next door cabin ceiling space - hard to get decent photo's though for a novice like me.


They would often bring worms and insects to the nesting site.


Village weaver I think??

209A2034 (1).JPG

Fork Tailed drongo ??




Female Sunbird of some breed??




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African Hoopoe's feeding their young 



209A2100 (1).JPG












209A2112 (1).JPG







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A few more birds from around our Cabin.

Marico Sunbird




209A2133 (1).JPG

Cape Turtle Dove

209A2142 (1).JPG

African Hoopoe looking for breakfast




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Test post

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Test Test Test saving as JPEG format
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Peter Connan

Cape Turtle is correct. But the one a few posts later is Red-eyed.


Village Weaver is possible but so is Southern Masked, and that's much more common. Need to see the back to determine.


Drongo is correct but the Sunbird is Southern Double-collared just based on distribution.


Looks like a nice place for a rest!

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