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I thought I saw a Ghost - Kruger self drive January 2023


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We moved back onto the Dam wall as there was a couple of other cars stopped, it was time for a beer :)

What were they looking at?

It was the man himself with a girlfriend.


Day 5 afternoon 29.jpeg


Day 5 afternoon 30.jpeg

Love is in the air.

Day 5 afternoon 31.jpeg


Day 5 afternoon 32.jpeg


Day 5 afternoon 33.jpeg

Another brother came down for a drink.

Day 5 afternoon 34.jpeg


Day 5 afternoon 35.jpeg


Day 5 afternoon 36.jpeg


Day 5 afternoon 37.jpeg

He was not letting her go too far on her own.

Day 5 afternoon 38.jpeg


Day 5 afternoon 39.jpeg


Day 5 afternoon 40.jpeg


Day 5 afternoon 41.jpeg


Day 5 afternoon 42.jpeg


Day 5 afternoon 43.jpeg

What a fantastic way to finish the day.

Day 5 afternoon 44.jpeg


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Good to see you continue. The white Lions and the Kude are very cool. Love the Quelea photos!

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Thanks @michael-ibk, I am back at work at the moment and hope to finish the report on my next break :) 

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Day 6 - my BIL and SIL were leaving today so a few crew decided to sleep whilst they packed up.

My eldest son and I had other plans and headed back to Nsemani dam to see what was going on.

We were once again delighted to see Caspar on his own.

This post is for the beautiful white lion.

We sat back and enjoyed our coffee and rusk for a good hour with only 2 other cars :) 

Caspar was on the western side of the dam down the small dirt track.

Day 6 morning 2.jpeg Nice to see him sit up for some nice shots.

Day 6 morning 4.jpeg


Day 6 morning 5.jpeg


Day 6 morning 6.jpeg

A lone impala caught his attention.

Day 6 morning 8.jpeg


Day 6 morning 9.jpeg


Day 6 morning 11.jpeg


Day 6 morning 13.jpeg

Up he hopped and headed down for a drink.

Day 6 morning 14.jpeg

The light was nice and golden.

Day 6 morning 15.jpeg


Day 6 morning 16.jpeg


Day 6 morning 17.jpeg


Day 6 morning 18.jpeg


Day 6 morning 19.jpeg



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We went back to camp and joined the rest of the family, we all then headed down to Tshockwane for breakfast and then said goodbye to BIL & SIL and our nephew.

It was a beautiful drive, quite hot and the animals were enjoying a nice swim.

Ground Hornbill on the H1-3

Day 6 morning 21.jpeg

A hornbill with a kill, first of 2 for the day ........

Day 6 morning 22.jpeg

Hyena family

Day 6 morning 23.jpeg


Day 6 morning 24.jpeg

SIL, BIL and my daughter.

Day 6 morning 25.jpeg

Buffalo herd at Kumana waterhole enjoying a bath.

Day 6 morning 26.jpeg


Day 6 morning 28.jpeg


Day 6 morning 29.jpeg


Day 6 morning 31.jpeg


Day 6 morning 32.jpeg

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Continuing down the H1-3

Impala at Kumana dam

Day 6 morning 33.jpeg

Ele's enjoying a swim at Mazithi dam.

Day 6 morning 34.jpeg

Absolutely loving the water 

Day 6 morning 35.jpeg


Day 6 morning 36.jpeg


Day 6 morning 37.jpeg


Day 6 morning 38.jpeg


Day 6 morning 39.jpeg


Day 6 morning 40.jpeg


Day 6 morning 41.jpeg

How does this sound.......

Day 6 morning 42.jpeg

Just north of Tshokwane

Day 6 morning 45.jpeg


Day 6 morning 46.jpeg

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After a lovely brunch at Tshokwane we headed back to Satara for a swim.

My pair of monkeys :) 

Day 6 morning 47.jpeg

Fish eagle at Orpen dam

Day 6 morning 48.jpeg

Ele dust off on the S35

Day 6 morning 49.jpeg

This trunk gets heavy.

Day 6 morning 50.jpeg


Day 6 morning 51.jpeg

Push harder...

Day 6 morning 53.jpeg


Day 6 morning 54.jpeg


Day 6 morning 55.jpeg

 Hyena cooling off

Day 6 morning 56.jpeg

Awesome Tusker......

Day 6 morning 57.jpeg

and an impatient tourist....

Day 6 morning 58.jpeg


Day 6 morning 59.jpeg


Day 6 morning 60.jpeg

Lovely Kudu

Day 6 morning 61.jpeg


Day 6 morning 62.jpeg

Ground hornbill family

Day 6 morning 64.jpeg


Day 6 morning 65.jpeg

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Our last afternoon drive in Satara started off quite slow, we headed north and then headed west down the S127 and then back south  S40 towards Nsemani dam.

Day 6 afternoon 1.jpeg


Day 6 afternoon 3.jpeg

Tawny Eagle

Day 6 afternoon 4.jpeg


Day 6 afternoon 6.jpeg

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We got back onto the bitumen road on the  H7 and then found some vultures in the middle of the road.

We sat with these guys for a good half an hour as it got interesting.

White headed vulture and some Starlings.

Day 6 afternoon 7.jpeg

Then a couple of white backed vulture's landed on the road for a visit.

Day 6 afternoon 9.jpeg

Mr white headed and Mr white backed starting walking off the road as something had there attention!!!!

Day 6 afternoon 10.jpeg

We slowly drove up closer and too our surprise the vulture's were on a baby impala carcass.

We are unsure how the impala was killed but it was very fresh as the birds just landed as we were driving down the road.....

Day 6 afternoon 11.jpeg

As you can see there are no manners at the dinner table.

Day 6 afternoon 12.jpeg


Day 6 afternoon 13.jpeg


Day 6 afternoon 14.jpeg


Day 6 afternoon 15.jpeg

There was no shortage of arguments going on at the feast.....

Day 6 afternoon 17.jpeg


Day 6 afternoon 18.jpeg


Day 6 afternoon 19.jpeg

It didn't take long for the vultures to clean up the meal.

Day 6 afternoon 20.jpeg

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We were about 2km west of Nsemai dam and we came across a good sized herd of Cape Buffalo passing through.

Not long after the buffalo passed through we were once again blessed to spend sundowners with Caspar and his 3 brothers again - gee I love the Satara region :) 

Day 6 afternoon 21.jpeg


Day 6 afternoon 22.jpeg Caspars brother

Day 6 afternoon 23.jpeg

Impressive king

Day 6 afternoon 25.jpeg

Caspar the legend himself

Day 6 afternoon 26.jpeg


Day 6 afternoon 27.jpeg

They moved and headed south across the H7 passing by an elephant on the way.

Day 6 afternoon 29.jpeg


Day 6 afternoon 30.jpeg

He passed about 10 meters from us.

Day 6 afternoon 31.jpeg


Day 6 afternoon 32.jpeg


Day 6 afternoon 33.jpeg

Brotherly love

Day 6 afternoon 34.jpeg


Day 6 afternoon 35.jpeg


Day 6 afternoon 36.jpeg

Some info on Caspar

Casper The White Lion and his Shish Brothers were born into the Shishangaan Pride in July 2014. They were fathered by 'Xihamham' and his Brother - The remaining two Kings of the original seven males of the Old Mega Shishangaan Lion Pride.

Day 6 afternoon 37.jpeg

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Day 7

Today we left the Satara region and headed south for 2 nights at Lower Sabie.

Once again I was up early at my eldest son and my wife came with me for a trip around Nsemani dam and to visit the Hyena den on S40. 

There was no sign of Caspar or his brothers :(, we were so lucky and privileged to have spent 3 days with them.

Fish eagle overlooking the dam.

Day 7 morning 1.jpeg

Hyena den on the S40

Day 7 morning 3.jpeg


Day 7 morning 4.jpeg


Day 7 morning 5.jpeg


Day 7 morning 6.jpeg

Just outside of Satara camp 2 Hyena where running back and forth amongst a herd of Impala but did not make a kill.

Day 7 morning 7.jpeg


Day 7 morning 8.jpeg


Day 7 morning 9.jpeg


Day 7 morning 10.jpeg

No entry guys........

Day 7 morning 11.jpeg

Time to make my nest.

Day 7 morning 12.jpeg

Plenty of animals having a morning drink at Nsemani

Day 7 morning 13.jpeg


Day 7 morning 14.jpeg

2 males having a dust up.....

Day 7 morning 15.jpeg


Day 7 morning 16.jpeg

There may have been Caspar's pride in the area as the zebra spent a long time looking back towards the dam.

Day 7 morning 17.jpeg

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Continuing further south towards Tshokwane

Day 7 morning 18.jpeg

Mother zebra with distinct marking

Day 7 morning 19.jpeg


Day 7 morning 20.jpeg

Mazithi dam

Day 7 morning 21.jpeg


Day 7 morning 22.jpeg


Day 7 morning 23.jpeg


Day 7 morning 24.jpeg


Day 7 morning 25.jpeg


Day 7 morning 26.jpeg


Day 7 morning 27.jpeg

Beautiful tuskers

Day 7 morning 29.jpeg


Day 7 morning 30.jpeg


Day 7 morning 31.jpeg


Day 7 morning 33.jpeg


Day 7 morning 34.jpeg

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How wonderful to see the same lion all those years apart! and its always fun to see elephants enjoying the water , thanks @Hads 

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Hi @Towlersonsafari, yes it was pretty special to see Caspar again after all these years, especially seeing him with my family, my kids still talk about him.

We are heading back to Kruger again at the end of the year.

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It was still too early to book into Lower Sabie we headed towards Skukuza to visit the Lake panic hide.

We enjoyed seeing some nice birds and getting out and having a leg stretch.

Day 7 Afternoon 1.jpeg

Crossing the Sabie River

Day 7 Afternoon 2.jpeg

Masked weaver colony at Lake Panic hide

Day 7 Afternoon 3.jpeg

I think this bird is a lesser masked weaver

Day 7 Afternoon 4.jpeg

Bird ID someone :) 

Day 7 Afternoon 5.jpeg


Day 7 Afternoon 6.jpeg

Female Nyala at the hide

Day 7 Afternoon 8.jpeg

My youngest sons favourite bird - Pied kingfisher

Day 7 Afternoon 9.jpeg

The bird call of Africa

Day 7 Afternoon 10.jpeg

Nyala family

Day 7 Afternoon 11.jpeg

Masked weaver

Day 7 Afternoon 12.jpeg

Birding help again please - Squacco or Green-backed Heron???

Day 7 Afternoon 13.jpeg


Day 7 Afternoon 14.jpeg

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It was a pleasant but quiet drive in the afternoon around lower sabie, we headed south towards the S137 and the Ntandanyathi hide and back up the S28.

Dagga boy in the Sabie River

Day 7 Afternoon 15.jpeg

Black winged stilt

Day 7 Afternoon 16.jpeg

Yellow billed stork

Day 7 Afternoon 17.jpeg

Ele's in the Sabie river

Day 7 Afternoon 18.jpeg

Hare on the S137

Day 7 Afternoon 19.jpeg

Ele family on the S137

Day 7 Afternoon 20.jpeg


Day 7 Afternoon 21.jpeg

Grey heron at the hide.

Day 7 Afternoon 22.jpeg

Black stork at the hide

Day 7 Afternoon 23.jpeg

My favourite WKF at the hide.

Day 7 Afternoon 24.jpeg

Sunset dam shots

Day 7 Afternoon 25.jpeg


Day 7 Afternoon 26.jpeg


Day 7 Afternoon 27.jpeg

Sunset dam Taxi service

Day 7 Afternoon 28.jpeg


Day 7 Afternoon 29.jpeg

Pair of Pieds

Day 7 Afternoon 31.jpeg

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Today was our last full day in the park.

My 2 boys and myself headed out early, we had a quick look at the Sunset dam (still too dark for photo's) but there was a old dagga boy standing in the middle of the road not moving.

We also saw a mother small spotted genet and it's young kitten quickly run into a small bush.

We then headed south and took the S28 all the way down to crocodile bridge where we stopped for a hot chocolate.

Day 8 Morning 1.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 2.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 3.jpeg

Guinea fowl family having breakfast on the S28

Day 8 Morning 4.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 5.jpeg

There was a few lonely buffalo's all sitting peacefully.

Day 8 Morning 6.jpeg

This sighting was one of my most disappointing near misses of the trip.

We come across a few Hyena's running around excitedly, one was covered in mud or had been in a waterhole or mudbath.

I spoke to a safari vehicle and they had been following the Hyena and a pack of Wild dogs for quote awhile, we literally missed the dogs by 1-2 minutes :( as they took off into the dense thickets. We stayed around for awhile but they did not return.

But still a very nice sighting :) 

Day 8 Morning 7.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 8.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 9.jpeg 


Day 8 Morning 10.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 11.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 12.jpeg

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Our near miss soon turned into joy when we came across 3 cheetah brothers at the Southern end of the S28, they were not hard to miss as there were a few cars at the sighting.

Unfortunately my photo's were not the sharpest, I am still learning to use the R7  (I better improve for my next Safari coming up this December and January).


Day 8 Morning 13.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 14.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 15.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 17.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 19.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 20.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 21.jpeg

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After crocodile bridge we headed west along the S25 then headed up the S26, S114 and onto the S21 and back to camp for a much needed lunch, this part of the drive was long and got very hot.

Day 8 Morning 22.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 23.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 24.jpeg

Red backed shrike

Day 8 Morning 25.jpeg

I can watch the oxpeckers for hours

Day 8 Morning 26.jpeg

Warthog loved this mudbath

Day 8 Morning 28.jpeg

WKF with a scorpion kill

Day 8 Morning 29.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 30.jpeg

Lovely setting

Day 8 Morning 31.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 32.jpeg

My eldest boy took this photo, he loved it so much he put it on a canvas.

An ele calf peering at us through it's mothers legs.

Day 8 Morning 33.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 34.jpeg

At Lower Sabie camp this Spotted bush snake was being very obliging.

Day 8 Morning 35.jpeg

A few photo's from the restaurant deck

Day 8 Morning 36.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 37.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 38.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 39.jpeg

Photo's from our Safari tent.

Day 8 Morning 40.jpeg


Day 8 Morning 41.jpeg

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Our afternoon drive was pleasant but alot quieter, the temp from memory was high 30's degree's C.

European roller with a beetle kill.

We headed along the S128-S30 and then back down the H4-1.

Day 8 Afternoon 1.jpeg


Day 8 Afternoon 1.jpg


Day 8 Afternoon 3.jpeg

A cool chameleon sighting.

Day 8 Afternoon 4.jpeg


Day 8 Afternoon 5.jpeg


Day 8 Afternoon 6.jpeg


Day 8 Afternoon 7.jpeg

Juvenile Martial eagle?

Day 8 Afternoon 8.jpeg

Sunset dam for a beer

Day 8 Afternoon 9.jpeg

My boys and I

Day 8 Afternoon 10.jpeg


Day 8 Afternoon 11.jpeg


Day 8 Afternoon 13.jpeg

This photo was taken when it was quite dark (yes I need to sort out some settings again with the camera).

This Verreaux Eagle owl came and perched on this tree stump at the same time each night in front of our Safari tents.

Day 8 Afternoon 14.jpeg

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Our last morning in Kruger for this trip.

We packed up camp and my MIL & FIL and my family headed south again down the S28  before heading west along the S25.

Sabie River ele crossing.


Day 9 Morning.jpeg

On the start of the S28 my eldest boy spotted this Honey badger, another quick blurry shot, but a great sighting.

Day 9 Morning 1.jpeg

Hyena on the move - we saw Hyena every morning on this trip.

Day 9 Morning 2.jpeg

We came across the 3 cheetah's again on the H4-2 just north of Croc Bridge. They were about 200m away.

The giraffe were keeping an eye on them.

Day 9 Morning 3.jpeg


Day 9 Morning 4.jpeg

Scent marking the tree.

Day 9 Morning 5.jpeg


Day 9 Morning 6.jpeg


Day 9 Morning 7.jpeg


Day 9 Morning 8.jpeg


Day 9 Morning 9.jpeg


Day 9 Morning 10.jpeg


Day 9 Morning 11.jpeg

Half way along the S25 we came across 3 lioness sitting around a small waterhole - beautiful pleasant sighting.

Day 9 Morning 12.jpeg


Day 9 Morning 14.jpeg


Day 9 Morning 15.jpeg


Day 9 Morning 16.jpeg


Day 9 Morning 17.jpeg

2 moved and sat under a tree. One of them started sharpening her claws.

Day 9 Morning 18.jpeg


Day 9 Morning 19.jpeg


Day 9 Morning 20.jpeg

My last photo on this report is of a Martial eagle in overcast light.

Day 9 Morning 21.jpeg

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Well after nearly 10 months I finally have finished my family January 2023 Kruger trip report.

I hope you enjoyed it and thanks to those who followed along.

I definitely need to learn how to use my new Canon R7 better.

When I saved my photo's onto the PC, they saved in CR3 in a higher resolution, I then had to save them into jpeg format and lost some picture quality - all good lessons for me.

However once again Kruger did not disappoint, we had a blast exploring Kruger with all the family.

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I forgot to add in the Satara section that we did a night drive that also did not disappoint.

We did take a few iPhone pics.

We saw 2 lionesses at Nsemani Dam, one of them roared loudly a few meters away. We also saw 2 to 3 chameleons, some pains game, white-tailed mongoose, and just as we were getting close to Satara camp our driver drove north of camp 200 meters and there was a pride of 9 Lions :) 


I have turned 50 this year and once again we will be visiting my wife's family in South Africa over the December and January school holidays. One of my brothers-in-law has booked us into Kruger again for 8-9 nights.

I am also treating my wife and kids there first trip to Vic Falls and 9 days in Khwai, Moremi (with Unlimited Tours), and Kwando 4Rivers camp - can't wait :) 

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Thanks for a lovely report! You had some really great sightings.

I do hope the baby Impala wasn't road-kill but on balance of probability...


Your weavers are all Southern Masked. Lesser masked doesn't have the red eye.

The heron is a Squacco.

The last photo is not a Martial but a Black-chested Snake eagle. Note the bare legs.


Oh, and one last comment. The drag-mark made by an Elephant early in the report is not made by the trunk. Let's just say it is definitely a bull Ellie...


Hope your upcoming trip is as good as it sounds!

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Really enjoyed this report, thanks for sharing. A lot of very cool sightings. Your next trip sounds awesome, looking forward to the report. 🙂

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