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Birds and Temples of northern Thailand - March 2023


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This is a long overdue trip report which was put on the rear burner by my other and newer hobby! Anyway, here it is. It will not be as detailed as I used to write them, so do ask any questions as the report will move along.


By the end of last (2022) year I was browsing through my options for the next travel destination. It should be one that allows for me to drive, for Zvezda to have a decent share of the local culture, and for both of us to spent an occasional day or two birding. One country floats to the top, and after reading two reports posted by @pault (see below) I have had my starting and ending point. A short discussion with Zvezda where I have sold her the idea of local culture, cuisine and many many temples that she will be able to visit and photographed ... done deal.



Having the start and the end already fixed, it only remains to me to decide of the loop, and where to stop. These two web sites came very handy: 




Adding a few must-see stops in between this was our final itinerary:


5.mar    Bangkok - Khao Yai NP
6.mar    Khao Yai NP
7.mar    Khao Yai NP
8.mar    Khao Yai NP - Phetchabun
9.mar    Phetchabun - Uttaradit
10.mar    Uttaradit - Phrae - Nan - Pua
11.mar    Pua - Doi Phu Kha NP - Pua
12.mar    Nan - Rd 1148 - Chiang Rai
13.mar    Chiang Rai
14.mar    Chiang Rai - Chiang Saen
15.mar    Chiang Saen - Thaton - Rd 1340 - Fang
16.mar    Fang
17.mar    Fang - Chiang Dao - Chiang Mai
18.mar    Chiang Mai
19.mar    Chiang Mai - Inthanon
20.mar    Doi Inthanon
21.mar    Inthanon - Kamphaeng Phet
22.mar    Kamphaeng Phet - Kanchanaburi
23.mar    Kanchanaburi - Kaeng Krachan NP
24.mar    Kaeng Krachan NP
25.mar    Kaeng Krachan NP
26.mar    Kaeng Krachan NP - Bangkok

which looks like this on Google Maps:



Of course we have ended our trip in Bangkok but Google only allows for a limited # of stops. In total we have stayed 22 nights in the country.


Before even starting with location-by-location descriptions, one word of advice (aka WARNING): DO NOT TRAVEL TO NORTHERN THAILAND IN MARCH! Just read on the web. 


Now to more positive aspects of this country which we both have visited for the first time. As expected, food is delicious and not as spicy (hot) as I have expected. Driving is easy and comfortable, roads are well maintained and outside of main towns, almost empty of heavy trucks. People are always curteous, even when it is obvious that they do not understand what you are asking them (and not many outside of bigger tourist destinations speaks any decent English). And for Zvezda, there is one beautiful temple at each corner!.

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