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The safari of a lifetime! A video of our trip to Tanzania


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An amazing five days between the Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, and Ngorongoro Crater. Hope you enjoy it!


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This is an excellent video! Very professinally made. I also do videos last years and I love yours becasue you make short sequences which keep people engaged. it is never too long or boring. This is what I probably still need to learn ;-) There is everything: nice sightings, animals in hunting position or doing something, people on the streets, driving and filling the baloon and also you and your partner which gives a feeling of being there and brings emotions. Superb! I like the beginning very much with its epical music and footage-cut according to the music. Bravo! Excellent. I watched it twice! and maybe will watch again becasue there is a lot to see and learn from you.

I see, you use Envato music, right?

And one more question: when you were balooning what lenses did you use? Did you take a zoom with you or primes? It looks like you had zoomed to the lioness but also took a footage of environment. I'd like to take a heli-flight over Okavango during my next trip to Botswana and I was just thinking what could be appropriate to take. There will not be much place but probably I will be able to take one camera with tele-zoom and one with standard zoom or perhaps iPhone...? 

Thank you for sharing!

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Thanks for the kind words, Elena. I am also relatively new to videos, so I appreciate your message.

For music I used Artlist, which I also used to add some sound fx. Another platform that seems good is muscbed (it has some good songs with "African moods") but it's a bit too expensive for me.

In terms of lenses, I mostly used a Canon RF 100-500 (which is amazing for safaris). On the balloon, I used that and a 15-35. BTW, the balloon (even if expensive) was the highlight of the trip. I really recommend that.

Have fun in Botswana. It is also in our to do list :)


Thanks again! if you have the chance, leave a comment on YouTube as well :)



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Such a cool video! I'm very jealous of the leopard sightings.

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It is a cinematic experience!  Starting your video with the balloon was very effective. It seems you had some excellent sightings from the balloon. The video and music are so professional.  Showing several of the various African TVs (bonfires) was an artistic touch too.  The variety of wildlife seen will make others want to follow in your footsteps, even if they can't produce such a quality video.  You have a gem of memories here.

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