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Overland Trip : Victoria Falls to Dar Es Salaam.


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Well, I will do my best for my English : try to understand , I am French !!


I really want to share my experience with like-minded travellers on this forum cause my close friends don't care about travels and Safaris. And the concept of Overland trip is not really famous in France.


This kind of travels feet with my expectations cause I love camping, hiking trip, Safaris and be " into the wild". And, before doing this, i was reluctant to travel with a group, furthermore, with people that i did not know !! But little by little, you are sharing such unbelievable moments, that you forget who you are, who they are !


I have been to South Africa last year during Three weeks. I spent one week in Cape Town ( and i did the highest bungy jumping in the world !) and after, I did an overland trip during fifteen days from Victoria falls to Dar Es Salaam. I have been to South Africa ( of course !), Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania ! In just fifteen days.


I was a little bit disappointed by Victoria falls, too many tourists and the weather was really bad. Hard to Enjoy it./ But then, we 've been to Livingstone and Lusaka. Sunset near the river, camping in the bush (one of the most exiting thing in this safari trip !!)..It was amazing to see a lion waiting for the very good moment to attack, to see our driver so scared by a....porcupine.. They explained us after, that a porcupine can kill you by throwing its spine !!


To play ping pong with the monkeys so close to you. What i really enjoyed, above all, it was the flexibility inside this overland trip. I took one day off to hike alone around the Malawi lake, and to meet local people. I was a little bit scared by all the problems of insecurity, but we 've got a proverb in France that says : if you try nothing, you will get nothing. And , when you have this strong feeling that everything around you is unique and that you will maybe never come back, that gives you the willingness to walk as far as you can.


Zanzibar was an interesting end to this trip. Two days in a heavenly island, chilling out on the beach in the middle of nowhere. As you can see, I really enjoyed my Overland trip and I am looking for a new trip now, maybe just in South Africa.


waiting for other wild experience !


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well spoken Brad & John.

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