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Botswana DWNP Privatising Campsites


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The DWNP has awarded 3 more different companies booking of campsites. The fees have skyrocketed for the self drive.

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This is quite a drastic change.


So does this mean that camping in Linyanti or Savuti will now cost 50$ per person per night?? And if you also want to go to Xakanaxa you will have to contact two different booking agents??


The only positive thing I can see is that the locals can still go camping at a reasonable cost. Or am I missing something?



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Guest sniktawk

Jolly good, just what is needed this should boost the Botswanan economy greatly.


No income from self drivers who contribute more on a percentage basis than any fancy lodge.


Driving the independant mobile operators out of business as well, got to be good!


Interesting to note that the other part of these plans a "mandatory" stay of one night in a hotel at your port of arrival is no longer being talked about.


Far better to have a zoo for the privileged Western customers!


Just out of interest I found the "new " rates a klittle unclear, what % increase does this represent.


I do not think that many locals go "camping" but I may be wrong!

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I think you are very right that this will decrease the income to the local economy. Would be very interesting to hear how the DWNP can motivate this decision. Does anybody know this?


Not sure about how big the rise in fees, really is.




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Nearly 3 years have passed and the DWNP campsites are packed. It is more difficult then ever to book campsites, simply because more people self drive in the parks. For high season, people have been booking over a year in advance in some cases.


On the flip side, few issues booking upmarket camps and lodges. Kind of dead in the water. I heard that some people have pitched up in Maun and got great last minute discounts(at preferred camps too) if they can leave within the next couple days.

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The DWNP has awarded 3 more different companies booking of campsites. The feeshave skyrocketed for the self drive.

No wonder I cannot get a booking in Savuti ,have been trying for 6 months.
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My experience from 2011 says that even if you manage to get a booking, one or all of the following is very very probable to happen:


1) You will be asked to share a campsite even though you have paid for exclusive use

2) You will be given a different campsite than the one you booked, because your original one is occupied by people who

-bribed the staff

-arrived too late to send away

-got there first and nobody bothered to make sure they have the correct one

-are a bigger group and so somehow they have rights to the bigger campsite even though it's not what they booked.

3) People without a booking will be accommodated very near to your campsite because "they've driven all the way to 3rd Bridge and now it's too late, we have to keep them".


Of course everyone is free to party, play music, use generators and make all kinds of noise. The staff simply don't care. It's true that most people go there to enjoy nature, but the occasional public nuisance won't be taken care of by the staff.


ETA: Of course you can also take advantage of this mess and arrive at the camp of your choice late in the evening. I would bet half an arm that they will accommodate you for as many days as you like, even if the campsite is officially "full".

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