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Sept Kenya Private Drive/Fly


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Thank YOU Divewop. I'll be looking for stories in India. Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Corbett, and the Taj Mahal to be exact.

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Lynn, you've certainly set the gold standard for trip reports! Not only is this absolutely enjoyable reading and viewing, it is a great resource for others planning upcoming trips. We've haven't been to the central/northerly part of Kenya and based on your detailed review of the Samburu-Buffalo Spings, Shaba region it looks like we'll be adding that to our trip in June. I can't wait!!


: - >

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PT123, June will be here soon! Thank you PT123.

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Brian's Art for Animals


sorry i had caps lock on.. but i am excited for you.. great job.

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Fantastic trip report Atravelynn! A pleasure to read, great photos and super info for safari planning. We're just back from a Mara and Nakuru safari, and I'm already thinking about our next safari. I found your trip report when looking for info on Meru and Samburu/Buffalo Springs.


How expensive were your days in Meru compared to the other parks? Staying in the bandas would bring the cost down, but the extra arrangements such as a chef would bring costs back up a bit I imagine. I'm intrigued by the wilderness of Meru, but fear that less safari experienced family members might be disappointed by the more sparse game in Meru. If it's not too expensive to go to Meru I might still be able to convince them.




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Brian, THanKS! You have an email from me regarding a different destination.



Thank you. The chef arrangement was still far less than Elsa's Kopje and somewhat less than Leopard Rock. That is why I did it, as a money saving option. I ended up being very pleased with the results, aside from saving $. Meru was less than the Mara and not an expensive option in the bandas. I don't have exact amounts, but E&S would be able to give you figures that are up-to-date, as would other safari providers.


You'll have to share your Nakuru/Mara trip. If you are just back, I am interested in traveling to those 2 destinations (and maybe some of the other lakes) about this time of year someday.


I really enjoyed Meru, but much of the excitement was birds and even those could be 45 minutes between interesting sightings. The cheetah bros were very lucky finds. It's really hot during midday and the tse tse are ever active out on the drives, though not at the bandas. I had some real gems beyond the cheetahs such as an ostrich family, a nursing impala, and some grooming Grevys, and of course the Lesser Kudu. But it can be frustrasting finding and photographing the kudu, and who knows if your family is even that interested in this particular species?


Two things that might make Meru more worthwhile for the casual safari-er are things I cannot comment on first hand: Elsa's grave and the rhino sanctuary.


There was no comparison in the abundance of activity between Buffalo Springs/Samburu and Meru. But if you have adequate time and you stick Meru at the start, go for it. It is possible to fly there from NBO and have your guide (and chef) meet you. Then maybe 2 nights would suffice. I thought 3 was good, but I was trying to find a particular species.


Twaffle will be returning soon from Meru and will have more info. If you planned to go at a similar time of year as your Nakuru/Mara trip, her comments may be especially helpful.

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