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I am thinking of a self drive trip to Bots next year , Mauan , Moremi , Chobe ,,,, I have heard its difficult booking camp sites in the parks whats the best way of doing this and can anyone suggest reliable firm ,, Thanks Paul

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The campsites in Moremi and Savute are very expensive and are booked well in advance. One of the problems seems to be that even if you're told a place is fully booked, when you get there it's empty (we saw this at Savute).


Here's a better idea... we camped last year at the Khwai Community Development campsite on the border of Moremi. Because it's not actually in the park you don't pay the entry fees of P150 per per person per day. All you pay is a P150 per person per day camping fee. This, in itself, is cheaper than the national parks camping sites fees, which you still have to pay on top.


The campsites are fantastic. No ablutions (you have to bring in everything you need, and did a hole for the loo) so we showered using our canvas bucket shower wiht water fromt he river. The game viewing in the area was sensational. We saw lion, wild dog, elephant, buffalo and plains game galore all within about 2km of the campsite. Had hyena and leopard visit us in the night and elephant and giraff walked close during the day.


The community development trust's website is www.khwai-trust.com


If you can't get into one of the chobe camp sites, why not stay just outside the park at the Chobe Safari Lodge. They have powered camp sites and you can drive into the park on a day-by-day basis, or take one of their boat cruises.


From Kasane you could also hop across the border to Zimbabwe and visit Vic Falls and maybe spend a night or three camping in Hwange.


Oh, and in Maun, in my opinion Audi Camp is probably the best of a bad lot. It's not a great place to spend too much time. Better, I reckon, to plan on camping at Planet Baobab at Gweta, about 100km up the road towards Nata, and just use Maun for shopping and admin etc.

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Thanks Tony ,, very helpful ,, thios seem s the thing to do ,, Regards Paul

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