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Self Driving in Amboselli


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Hi everyone, I'm in the planning stages of a number of trips to Africa over the next 24 months. I'm interested in visiting Amboselli. I have read (Lonely Planet) that a 4 x 4 is required to get the most out of the park. Do any forum members who have visted the park know if this is the case.

Secondly, is self drive and camping an option assuming a 4 x 4 is required? Does anyone have a reliable contact for a hire firm in Nirobi that rents out 4 x 4 kitted out for camping? Thanks in advance Best Sean

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(If I owned one) I wouldn't want to take my own road car on the roads that get to Amboseli, and you'd be much happier driving a 4x4 around the park too. Infact, depending on season there are times you'd definitely not get anywhere interesting in a road car, the rest of the time the issue is one of clearance and general wear. Camping is easy around the park - or the KWS bandas would be another nice option: http://www.kws.org/p...omodation.html. I don't know any good Kenyan hire companies, but I'm sure there are some out there and, yes, I'm sure they'll rent you tents (or a roof tent) if you want.


Just one thing - I'm thinking you might not have experienced much of East Africa before? If that's true, I'd make sure you have read a few things about self driving in this part of the world before you amke a decision. It's perfectly possible, and can be great fun. But it's not always great for the uninitiated and I think you'd want to know what you're letting yourself in for. (In Kenya they say you can spot the drunk driver because they're going in a straight line, not avoiding the pot holes...) That said, I think Amboseli would be a pretty good place to start self driving, with no major problems finding the place and a straightforward road network when you're there, with easy game viewing too.


Good luck!

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Thanks so much for the information this is very helpful. Is Kenya regarded as an expensive country to visit say compared to the U.S. or Europe?

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