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Rhino Safari Camp for Christmas - 2011

Guest Nappa

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How wonderful. Love Rhino camp and having Christmas there has just been added to my wish list.

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How many days are encapsulated in this video, Nappa?


Fantastic sightings as usual! I've said this before, but feel almost compelled to say it again, your many new video uploads have added a whole new dimension to the site. I really enjoy watching them. Hope you have many more stashed away that you plan to show us as and when you can.

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Thanks, Sangeeta I'm glad you like them, I have others! I also have many hours of video to edit into "Productions" biggrin.gif


Editing is the hardest part.

To make the video interesting I have to omit 95% of it, bad shake, focus, repeated views that sort of thing. For every minute of finished video there is two hours of editing.

Audio is the biggest problem especially this trip. It is quite easy to edit out camera shutter sounds but voices means scrapping the true audio & substituting it for clean pure bush sounds.

Every trip I make a pure audio section that I can use to replace the true audio with all the voices on, I then add other sounds to suit the action!

Another problem is music copyright, trying to find copyright free music that suits each video is difficult, I have a very successful video that I have to re edit as I used film themes, Out of Africa & Zulu, I have now found suitable copyright free music for it but the video drags out a lot so I need to cut a few minutes without losing the story.


There are seven days at Rhino Island condensed into this video, i've had to omit a number of clips that i could just not fit into the flow of the story & elephants would just swamp the video if I wasn't brutal with the cuts.

Some of my earlier video's become boring because I have not been drastic with my cuts.

I'll post a couple more from Africa but I'm not sure that my Tiger video's are suitable for SafariTalk.


"I'm not sure that my Tiger video's are suitable for SafariTalk." Sorry! Atravelynn tongue.gif

Edited by nappa
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