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Juvenile Tigers Ranthambore

Guest Nappa

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Thank You very very much!!! Loved all 3 of your Tiger videos that have been posted.


When time permits, can you write a little bit of your safaris in India - fascinating and something I hope to get planning for this year!




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Brian's Art for Animals

excellent footage

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I'd be interested in how you secured your gypsy and guide and how many go in the vehicle, etc. Your other post mentioned you added a few more people to your vehicle.


You got some great footage. Some of it I recognize as classic Ranthambore.

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Guest nappa

It is now a four or five years since I visited India we went with TigerTrails.


At the time of our first trip with them Alan was still working full time at Sellafield Nuclear site, he & his wife had set up TigerTrails to help support a village where they had stayed on a gap year.

I think they have now renamed to WildlifeTrails & it is now a full time operation offering world wide trips.


Our guide at Ranthambore was Vepal Jain who is their representative in India, we spent spare time with his family at his home or out & about at the village or Sawaai Madaphore & beyond.

Their ground operators for India at that time was Perfect Travels.


Our first trip Ranthambore I believe that park tourism was still under control of the forestry department & my understanding is for our second trip tourism was controlled by the Department of tourism. There was a lot of lodge & hotel building going on at the time & Gypsy's had to be full. We did take other couples for two drives with us but had full control over the vehicle within park restrictions.

Our other drives we took two local boys from the village with us this kept tourist out of our vehicle as well as extra eyes for spotting it also gave them chance to visit Ranthambore Reserve.

Our hotel was the Ranthambore Regency.


Our first trip was 2004, If I remember correctly, we also visited Banhavgarh staying at the Bandhavgarh Jungle Lodge our guide was Vivek from the lodge.

We travelled by train with a stop over in Agra where we watched the sun rise over the Taj at 0500.


I hope this answers a few questions, regretfully I'm not much with words.

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Game Warden

Nappa, would you be so kind as to include the above post here. Many thanks, Matt.

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