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3 days in CKGR & Khutse..


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Hi guys,


Just needing some advice on travel times through CKGR and Khutse over 3 nights. Those familiar with this part of Botswana please send some advice over here, expecially when it comes to distance times etc!


Leaving Maun early in the morning and driving to Letiahau camp site (no facilities) - booked with Big Foot - apparently its approx 250kms - 4-5 hours?


Next night is supposed to be booked at Xaka (Xaxa?) camp site - run by DWNP - still no confirmation... I can't find ANY distance times for this camp site, any advice?


Following night is booked at Khankhe in Khutse - booked with Big Foot - again, no clue as to how far this camp site is from Xaka camp site.


I've been looking at tracks4africa, distancefrom.com etc, nothing too concrete when it comes to 'doable' vs 'forget about it'.


Last night is in Gaborone - can this be possible? Khankhe camp site direct to Gaborone?


Thanks so much guys. Here's an Aussie planning a trip through Botswana, RSA and Namibia across 6 weeks for the 1st time :)




P.S. Can I pay conservation fees etc at the gate?

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I can't really help except to say that the first leg sounds about right but a bit on the optimisitic side - and it could take you rather longer than that if it is wet. What month is this - could make quite a difference?


And are you absolutely determined to rush as quickly as possibly accross one of the most amazing places on earth?

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Its been 15 years since I did that route. That's a lot of driving in 3 days. Its not the distances, but the sand you will be driving in. I doubt if the DWNP will let you drive it on your own. You would be better off camping around Deception Valley on your own for 2 days. Then drive to Khama Rhino Sanctuary the 3rd nite.

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I loved Deception valley and the camp site there - We spent some time on a mobile safari at that location in 2010. In terms of the camp site itself - Passarge valley was stunning!!! Highly recommend. Might be a long drive though from Maun.

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