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Show us your gorilla photos/videos


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To mark the passing of Ruhondeza ‘Sleepy Fellow’. the silverback leader of Uganda’s first habituated gorilla group, that helped kick-start gorilla tourism in Uganda in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, I thought it was time to start a thread for gorilla photos/videos.


Following genetic research in 2001 there are now known to be two separate species of gorilla, the western gorilla Gorilla gorilla and the eastern gorilla Gorilla beringei. Surprisingly the genetic difference between western and eastern gorillas is actually greater than the difference between common chimps and bonobos.


Gorilla info



The western species has two subspecies the western lowland, Gorilla g. gorilla the most common of all found in Angola (Cabinda), the far west of the DRC, Congo Republic (Congo Brazzaville), Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, C.A.R. and south eastern Cameroon and the Cross River gorilla or Diehl’s gorilla G. g. diehli the rarest found in a very small area in the south west of Cameroon and the south east of Nigeria.


The Eastern species also has two subspecies the Mountain gorilla Gorilla b. beringei found in the Virunga Mts. on the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC and also in the Bwindi Forest and the Grauer’s or eastern lowland gorilla Gorilla b. graueri found in the eastern DRC. Since the gorillas in the Bwindi Forest are isolated from the mountain gorillas of the Virungas it’s possible that they maybe another subspecies.


I’ve only ever been birding in Bwindi as I wasn’t able to get gorilla permits for the days that I was there. I have been to see the mountain gorillas in Rwanda many years ago, however for convenience I’ll start things off with photos that I’ve already uploaded these were all taken in Gabon.


If you have any photos or videos of gorillas please feel free to add them.




Young orphan, Evengué Island in Gabon by inyathi, on Flickr


Owendja Fernan-Vaz Gorilla Project

This young orphan Owendja being rehabilitated on Evengué Island in Gabon has the characteristic reddish brown fur on the head typical of western gorillas.


The following photos were all taken from a viewing platform at Langoué Bai in Ivindo NP in Gabon











Bottoms up







Pot belly Langoue Bai by inyathi, on Flickr

Because of their vegetarian diet gorillas tend to be noticeably pot-bellied



Piggy-back Langoue Bai by inyathi, on Flickr



Gorillas Langoue Bai by inyathi, on Flickr

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I headed into DRC for my gorilla experience in 2007. While next time I'd much prefer to head to Uganda or Rwanda, I would certainly make the trip again in a heartbeat... for those yet to experience this amazing, indescribable wildlife interaction - make sure it's at the top of your bucket list.... easily one of the best hours of my life!


My internet connection is pretty appalling at the moment and I can't get the images from my gallery to load in order to get the URLs to put in this post - but here's a link to my 'best of' album:



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Thanks aussieinafrica, wonderful photos, mind you, you can’t really go wrong with baby gorillas, seeing them certainly makes me want to go back to see the mountain gorillas again somewhere.


Though not in the DRC, Virunga NP is apparently closed at the moment for security reasons at least until the end of July and perhaps longer. I think gorilla permits in the DRC are only 400 US$ compared to 500 US$ for Uganda and 750 US$ for Rwanda so for mountain gorillas DRC is definitely the cheapest option but even once the park has reopened I don’t think I’d want to book a trip there. With the security situation changing all the time it seems to me there’s a pretty high chance of finding that your trips has had to be cancelled because rebels of some sort have entered the park, forcing the park to close again. :angry:



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Let's have some more gorilla photos. Who has been to see them recently?

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Kahuzi Biega NP, DRC feb '14. Eastern lowland gorilla - grauer gorilla


Really hope more people realize and visit the spectacular flora/fauna of the DRC. Totally unique. Unfortunately many people associate the kivus as ' the drc ' as a whole. One must look beyond generalized headlines.



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Umubano baby from our trip n 2012...sigh....such a special day!


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awesome baby pix, @@ld1.

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In the Virungas , September 2011. Fascinating!



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Western lowland silverback, CAR



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~ @@wenchy:


This portrait haunts me. I've looked at it several times, yet return again.

It's the eyes. Your fine portrait brings out many qualities, with the eyes especially soulful.

The sky and forest is reflected on the eyes — wonderful photography, @@wenchy!

I really like it!

Tom K.

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Western Lowland Gorillas (Makumba Group), CAR







IMG 6453

IMG 6464

IMG 6435

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Mountain Gorillas @ Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, 2014 December. Agashya group












Mountain Gorillas @ Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, 2014 December. Kwitonda group. Yup, I had the shutter speed set incorrectly for the last 3 shots, unfortunately. Live and learn.....













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