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Magical Madagascar!

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Nature Traveler

Madagascar is without a doubt one of the most impressive wildlife destinations around! Take a look at this trip report that represents about four weeks of outstanding wildlife and culture and nature in this biodiversity hotspot. Enjoy!






Here is the link to the trip report



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Nice timing there Coke! I'm heading out to Madagascar next month for two weeks.. I will read with great interst your trip report.
Thnk you!
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Nature Traveler

Great Kittykat! Just let me know if there is anything I can do to help you on your expedition!

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Thank you. :) I don't think I'll be visiting a lot of the places you went to. Seems you did an awful lot of the island in your trip. Basically I am planning to do:


Day 1:21/10-Arrive in Tana,drive down to Andasibe(3h),followed by nocturnal walk.Overnight Indri lodge

Day2:22/10-all day visit of Andasibe.We'll have a quite long hike to get to the place where we can see the helmet vanga and lemurs.overnight camping.

Day3:23/10-we continue our visit around Andasibe and visit the lemurs island at vakona forest lodge,overnight in Moramanga(just 20km from Andasibe and on our way up to Tana and the south)

Day4:24/10-Travel to Ialatsara(2h30),followed by night walk (provided no delays in which case we might have to vernight in Ambositra and miss out Ialatsara).

Day5:25/10-Early drive to Ranomafana followed by time in the park/night walk

Day6:26/10-All day visit in Ranomafana and night walk.

Day7:27/10-half day visit of Ranomafana and drive to Anja,visit of Anjaand back to Ambalavao for overnight in Boungainvillier

Day8:28/10-Early drive to Isalo,followed by visit of Isalo,Overnight in Orchidee hotel

Day9:29/10-Drive to Zombitse followed by visit overnight in Toliara- Hotel

Day10:30/10-Drive to Ifaty followed by visit of spiny forest;overnight Bamboo hotel

Day11:31/10-Transfer to Anakao.then spend the rest of the day in Anakao Beach. Overnight hotel

Day12:01/11-Visit of Nosy ve,overnight in Anakao

Day13:02/11-Drive to Tsimanapetsotsa followed by visit of this park and possibly overnight camping on site, if possible drive back to Anakao

Day14:03/11-Drive back to Toliara to connect with evening flight back to Tana.

Day 15 04/11 - flight home at 12.30PM.


That is our itinerary but if we need to change because of weather or something else ,we 'll arrange that there.


I think everything bar the accommodation at Ranomafana has been sorted out- my guide is having a little difficulty finding some room for the second night there.


All the best



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Thanks for the caution on Le Dauphin's management. What a shame their excellent guides cannot be backed by a reputable company. Any company or guide you'd recommend? Or did you spot all those lemurs for your phenomenal photos?

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Nature Traveler

Hi Kittykat - looks like a very nice itinerary. You will see many species for sure and the scenery will be great too. Your list will different than mine but you will see some amazing species that we did not... Do try to get that second night at Ranomafana - it's worth it! In fact try for two more nights...;-)


Atravelyn - Thanks for looking. We basically arranged for separate guides for the trip at each location. Christian is a great guide at Kirindy. My wife is an expert spotter but I would say that in Madagascar, perhaps more than anywhere else I have traveled, good guides are crucial. But the good news is that the guides in Madagascar are the best by far - better than any country I have been to. Check the names of the guides in my report but I think you will be lucky to have any of the guides in most reserves. They are seriously well trained and very knowledgeable across the board. I found it pretty easy to make internet contact with local operators in all locations and I certainly hope that the Le Dauphin folks have gotten their act together. They were seriously incompetent and they were losing money hand over fist....

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I'm sure we'll get two nights at Ranomafana, but no more than that as we don't have enough time. We have to overnight between Andasibe and Ranomafana as it's such a long drive. I'm really hoping we can stay at Ilatsara on the way down rather than Ambositra. it's a place called Lemur Forest Camp http://www.acabao.com/voyage-aventure/hebergement-charme.aspx?heb=lemur+forest+camp-47 looks like a great little place to overnight with the chance of doing a night walk to see chameleons and mouse lemurs, plus Milne-edward's Sifakla is seen there as well. Hoping that way we can do a short morning walk and then go on to Ranomafana, having broken the back of the long drive as well.

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