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A Sheldrick's Photo Essay


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After Atravelynn pondered what happens at the Sheldrick's Trust in the event of rain in this thread http://safaritalk.ne...sit-in-nairobi/ I went to my files to see what it looked like when we first went there one June quite a few years ago. It certainly was raining that day and as I looked through my catalogues I found lots of little cameos which will never see the light of day as they aren't really stand alone photographs. However, recently I have been looking at producing more and more 'photo essays' which I find personally more interesting than the single images which I'm sure is just a phase so encouraged by the numbers of bits and pieces I thought I would add another journey through my files but with a different focus than I had with the landscapes.


I have included some of my husband's images as well because he never gets time to do anything with them. The processing is a bit quick but it had to be or I'd never have finished so apologies for that.


Colour is just an irritation for me with these kinds of projects so for those who hate b&w and toned images, look away! :)


In no particular order or year.





Edwin, who most visitors would recognise. Without the dedication of the keepers many of these orphans would never reach adulthood and rediscover a wild life.














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Around the stables in the evening when the babies settle down for the night ....



















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and rhinos too ...







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Well done to both Mr and Mrs Twaffle...

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These b&ws and a sepia or too are fantastic. Wonderful job, Twaffles!

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Thanks  Matt and Lynn.


Football (soccer) is one of the games which the orphans really seem to enjoy and there is always a ball lying around at the midday mud baths.









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and then there is the daily mud bath and feeding time where mud takes second place to milk but only just.























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Steadily over the years the word has spread about the work done by Sheldricks, not just in raising orphaned elephants and rhinos but with their work in the community and anti poaching activities. The consequence of this is that the crowds of visitors each day increases every year, and although it means that elbow jostling has become more intense, it will be these visitors (especially children) who are touched by the young elephants in ways that are hard to describe or quantify.


So to the people thanks ............













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To finish, when only colour will do ..........



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Amazing Photos, Twaffle; should be a book for DSWT's publicity. So many people I know do not know about their work and when I tell them; well they are quite astonished. Publicity in the states must be word of mouth. Your pics make it real and not a "shelter".

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Thank you Graceland, appreciate the comments. :)

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What a superb Photo-essay!!!

So many excellent images of wonderful and imaginative composition!

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I fostered two babies in the names of my grand daughters. One daughter in law got so into her baby, Kinango. In fact there were a bunch of my friends that also got caught up in reading all of the orphan sagas. Then sadly little Kinango died. If you google Yao Ming Kinago was the orphan seen in many photos with the basketball star during his visit to the orphanage.

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Where are my manners? Beautiful photos Twaffle, thanks for taking the time to share. Patsy

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Thank you Rainbirder and Patsy for the nice comments, it really makes it worth while doing something like this.

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Twaffle, this is awesome!!! No words........

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