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Supermodels! Simply the best!

Dave Williams

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Dave Williams

Here's another brightly coloured and highly attractive species and personally my favourite Roller... the Indian one. This photo was actually taken in Sri Lanka. The shot is a bit over sharpened but I can't do a lot about that as I no longer have the original

Indian Roller.jpg

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Dave Williams

Time for a thread revival! I went out on a pelagic trip the other day, here is one of my favourite birds. Perhaps not the most colourful but the aerodynamics are stunning!

I'm sure the design of Concord was inspired by the Northern Gannet.

30642419308_d3868776ca_b.jpgSpot the target by Dave Williams, on Flickr

30642417868_65f8efa144_b.jpgBegin the dive by Dave Williams, on Flickr

Perhaps not ending quite like this of course!

30642418438_1b64562143_b.jpgPerfect 10! by Dave Williams, on Flickr

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I had forgotten about this thread until Dave revived it. Super shots @Dave Williams!

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Peter Connan

I don't know if the bird is a supermodel, but you certainly pulled off a magnificent, beautiful and perfectly-timed shot @Dave Williams!

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Peter Connan

Edit: but if that is a supermodel, perhaps this is a whole family of supermodels?



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On 11/14/2018 at 11:32 PM, Dave Williams said:

just exciting to watch and photograph


Thus for me any bird qualifies :D; but I have noticed a fil rouge in last 4 images ... long legs :o.

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