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15 hours ago, africaaddict said:


Thanks Paul

The consensus in LWC is that this boy is likely her brother or half brother, most likely her half brother which is fortuitous in the mock mating that took part with this pair 3 months ago did  not take. He was eeking out an existence by stealing kills from Giza.

The troublesome male was very much on his last legs, with a serious hip/pelvic issue and sporting a tumorous growth between stomach and ribs and literally........dragging his rear right leg and was very easy to track in the morning, clearly showing the drag mark. He's now not been seen in the last month, and likely he's met his maker.

If ever there was a case for euthanasia, he would have been it, whist struggling to walk with his arched gait, one could hear him let out a slight groan with every stride, painful to witness. 

One of the last pictures taken of him, note the arched gait and tumor.:




Ahhh. I remember Simon saying he was injured - I didn’t realise that badly. Ouch! But you don’t get to know anything much staying too nights. Thanks.

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He stoically clung on for quite a while, however his injury deteriorated quite badly in June and he disappeared the last few days before I left. :(

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Peter Connan


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A few leopard shots from last years trip to the Lower Zambezi trip ,shot with my Nikon z6ii, stayed at potato bush camp







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@webbieReally nice shots. Do you have any idea how old they are? I'm a bit surprised to see leopards of that size being comfortable with each other.

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We found a mother and her 2 youngish cubs ,guessing the cubs where around 18 months ,probably getting ready to leave moms apron strings ,such a privilege to see such beautiful animals 

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I'm currently returning from a trip with my son to the Kruger for three days and then four days in Mala Mala in the Sabi Sands. A trip report will follow but we saw at least 8 different leopards despite temperatures in the low 40s (centigrade). This episode involved 20+ vultures, an eagle owl, 2 lionesses and a leopard in a tree. This large male leopard was 20m up in a tree with an impala kill. the thing spoiling his day was the presence of two lionesses watching him from below. Since the third lioness is denning very close it was unlikely they would go anywhere soon.




Despite appearances this was take in near darkness (the miracle of 25600 ISO and post processing) so we had to leave with the stalemate unresolved. The following day a guide went to check and found no sign of leopard, impala or lions. The leopard had not been seen again in the three days before we left but that is not unusual of course.

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This lovely leopard, early morning at andbeyond  Ngala Tented camp. 




AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-200mm

£3.5-5.6G IF-ED [||]

7 MP • 2896 × 2516 • 14.1 MB

IS01437 255mm 0ev | £5.6 | 1/8000s


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Dicky Lloyd

A Leopard shot taken in South Luangwa back in 2013.

Nikon D3100, Sigma 120-400 lens.


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Leopards in Loisaba.  Note the unusual environs with (invasive) cactus plants, which made for a nice contrast.

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