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Show us your Elephant Pictures


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Fantastic video and photos..

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I like the B&W shots. I'll try a few on my next trip.


Here are a few Ellies from our trips around southern Africa:


Addo, September 2014





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I think I've posted this link on my travel report from 2012, but here it is because it makes sense to put it here as well :) "How a Hwange Elephant says Goodbye"

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Morkel Erasmus

Two more.


Two youngsters having a playful tussle after sunset in Elephant Bay on the Chobe river, and Big Vic from Mana Pools feeding leisurely not 5m from where I was sitting on a log (that photo is at 29mm focal length so objects in the viewfinder are closer than they appear)... :)



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My latest safari through Chobe, Hwange and Mana Pools has been an absolute elephant fest. I've never see so many of them.


I've always found elephants a tough subject for photography but this time I even managed to get some photos that I am happy with.




I liked this photos an decoded to play around a bit with some different processing choices.

what do you think?



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Prefer the top one...

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I think I do too @@Peter Connan

Although I like the dark textures in the second one, I think in the original image the elephant stands out much better against the background. I the dark one the background is too similar in tone to the subject.

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One of the highlights of my stay in Zimbabwe was the abundance of elephants. Especially in Mana Pools NP


But there are elephants.....




and then there's Boswell




So far, the only elephant to go bi-pedal



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Sitting in the middle of a herd of over 80 at Mashatu, Botswana...incredible!





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Hwange NP, Zimbabwe

from an underground hide by a waterhole



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Katisunga plains, Katavi N.P.


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Ciao @@LionMrSimba - No image is appearing, can I help in anyway?


What have you been up to recently? Do you owe us a trip report?



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Here's an image from the South Luangwa, taken from a microlight out from Tafika camp back in late June.

Many thanks to my pilot John Coppinger for some skillful flying in banking the microlight at just the required angle.


Eles from heaven


We had a beautiful crisp, clear and sunny morning to do some aerial shadow photography from a microlight, this herd of eles were very cooperative as they traversed the dry Luangwa river floodplain.
I like how this resembles ancient cave paintings, creating wonderful textures.
South Luangwa Nat Park- Zambia


Nikon D3s 70-200 f/2.8 1/6400s f/4 ISO1600@ 70mm.


I was very fortunate and over the moon when I heard that I had won the category A prize in the march4elephantsandrhinos.org photographic competition

of 12 nights accomodation in RSA, Zambia & Botswana worth US$30K. :o


Here's the FB link below:


Here's the beautiful winning ‪#‎photograph‬ of ‪#‎elephants‬ in the ‪#‎GMFER‬ competition!! Congratulations Marc Mol from Australia!!




Once again, a huge thank you to our judges, Simon Espley from Africa Geographic and wildlife filmmakers Dereck and Beverley Joubert!

Some really amazing photographs, sketches and graphic designs were received for Category A of the competition, with the winner receiving a $30 000 African luxury safari holiday for 12 days with a partner.


1. Royal Chundu 2 nights
2. Chitwa Chitwa 2 nights
3. Leopard Hills Private Game Reserve 2 nights
4. Selinda Explorer's Camp 2 nights
5. Ellerman House 2 nights
6. Manna Bay 2 nights
7. Rhino Africa for transfers and logistics
8. Airlink for flights in Southern Africa



A few more here:


Ele shadow mosaic


D3s 70-200 f/2.8 1/6400s f/4 ISO1600@ 98mm.






Walk to water


D3s 70-200 f/2.8 1/6400s f/4 ISO1600@ 86mm.







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