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Show us your Elephant Pictures


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Kingfisher Safaris

Addo Elephant Park in South Africa isa great place to see these Leviathans. Much more accessible that some others places and great value for money too.



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Kingfisher Safaris

But you can also get close in more remote areas. This was taken in the Khwai community area of Botswana in June



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Here are a few elephant in Chobe at the only water for miles.



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A&M you need to click on the thumbnail in your album which brings the image up full size, then cut and paste that into the post,



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Elephant at Poha gate waterhole.

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Morkel Erasmus


Here goes - a total repost of #84...


Shout if you see anything


Hi guys.


Warden's re-sharing of this thread on Twitter sparked my interest to post some more images...especially since I recently (well, 4 months ago) came back from an epic and mind-boggling safari to Mana Pools in the lower Zambezi valley in Zimbabwe.


Here are some elephant images captured in just 4 days of safari from that amazing ancient wilderness...

All these images were taken on foot. Accompanied by qualified guides of course.








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Morkel Erasmus

Repost of #85...


Some more from this trip...












Image links are from my picasa albums and are publicly visible...

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Displaying fine in the reposts. I'll delete the first posts. Have also tided up the conversations about the images. Matt

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A thin line between friend and foe....


These two bulls were feeding peacefully together in the Ol Tukai swamp. They left together and had what seemed to be a friendly tussle ........then all hell broke loose and we had to move quickly as the action headed our way.




Both images taken by the Ol Tukai Swamp, Amboseli, Kenya, July 2012.

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A few elephants from my recent Mana Pools trip (October 2012), as ever, all taken whilst on foot.

Just finished drinking:


2R4C7815 by Whyone, on Flickr

Little fellow with mum


2R4C8584 by Whyone, on Flickr

Even smaller fellow - just 5 days old when this photo was taken:


2R4C8599 by Whyone, on Flickr

Yours-truly (not my photo, obviously!)


DSC_1392 by Whyone, on Flickr

One of the resulting pictures


2R4C8551 by Whyone, on Flickr

On the 5th night of our stay, this enormous fig tree fell down. It was about 100m behind our camping spot (Mucheni 2 for those who know Mana), and the sound it made was astonishing (I instinctively ducked!).

Elephants clearly know the sound of a falling tree, as immediately after the crashing sound of falling tree had died away, we could hear ele's calling from far and wide. At the end of an especially long and hot dry season, an event such as this is a welcome feeding opportunity for them. It was a noisy night, with ele's arriving, many from Zambia, making a huge amount of noise wading across the Zambezi, shouting as they came!

In the morning, there were over 100 elephants surrounding the tree, standing in groups awaiting their turn to feed.


_MG_3531 by Whyone, on Flickr

After deciding that it was tricky to get a shot that 'worked' from ground level, and for a slightly different perspective, I clambered up into the fallen tree for a wonderful view of the feeding ele's. The strong, pungent smell of the sap was a surprise to me, as was the shaking of the tree as the ele's broke pieces off to eat!


_MG_3628 by Whyone, on Flickr

Feeding ele from a more normal perspective:


2R4C8260 by Whyone, on Flickr


2R4C8280 by Whyone, on Flickr


2R4C8288 by Whyone, on Flickr

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Whyone, I think you are going to fit right in :)

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When in Kruger one can easily spend all day driving around in search of that perfect moment or magical sighting. It's easy to forget about the informative things to do when on safari.


The two that stand our are:

1) Skukuza library which has amazing content regarding anything nature and conservation

2) Letabe elephant museum which focuses on the original Magnificent 7. It's amazing to stand amongst replicas of the huge tusks that they carried around with them. There is a list (which I don't have to hand) of new tuskers within Kruger.

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Below is my favourite elephant picture that I've taken. This is near Babalala picnic spot, north of Shingwedzi camp, Kruger National Park.



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Tsavo east national park, Kenya



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Masai Mara, Kenya



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A few Ele pics from Mucheni at Mana Pools in Sept 2012.



This one obviously had an itch



As did this one....



Trying to get up the bank




And made it....

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long lashes...Okavango Delta, August 2007


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A mother's guiding touch!


Tsavo East, Kenya; July 2012.

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From South Luangwa NP.



To see the clip in full screen, click on "YouTube". Myself, I cannot get fullscreen when using Safari on my Mac, however I can get fullscreen in Firefox. Strange.

Edited by Sverker
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South Luangwa NP - November 2012




Cheeky smile : ElephantCalf2.jpg


Crossing the Luangwa River : ElephantsCrossing1.jpg










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Hwange August 2010.....just posing


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