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Birds In Flight... Upload your photos.

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Peter Connan

Dwesa Nature Reserve, Wild coast, South Africa:


Southern Black Oystercatcher:



Common Tern:


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Your wish is our command GW


Atlantic Puffin taken on Skokholm Island in West Wales UK.


Camera was a Canon 50d with Sigma 120-300 2.8 os lens.


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And another with the same camera and lens setup.


Red Kite


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Another one from me, this time from Africa.


Little Egret taken in the mangroves opposite Tendeba Camp on the Gambia river.


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Kingfisher Safaris

Red Billed Hornbill, Chitabe, Botswana. Nikon D60 200mm Lens




Hammerkop, Chitabe, Botswana




Little Bee-Eater, Linyanti, Botswana




Long-Toed Plover, Khwai, Botswana




Open-Billed Stork, Khwai, Botswana



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Here are a couple from a trip to Andalucia during the migration period in early September last year. All taken reasonably close to Tarifa.


Short-toed eagle




Barn swallow (the only one that came out half decent from a whole series):




Griffon vulture:





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And some more from a trip on a boat along Baja California, Mexico. This is probably the best whale watching trip anywhere in the world, but there are some opportunities for birds too.



Black-footed albatross (Pacific off Baja)




Playing ravens (Islas San Benito)




Green heron (Laguna San Ignacio)




The remaining ones are all from the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez


Red-billed tropicbird




Brown booby




Squabbling magnificent frigatebirds





Blue-footed booby





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Roseatte Spoonbills just after dawn, SW Florida.



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And a special post with just brown pelicans. Lovely birds, they remind me of a float plane for some reason. All taken somewhere on a boat trip from San Diego along the coast of Baja California.


One in San Diego Harbour, around sunset.


I call this `the pelican ballet'




All these were taken over a huge shoal of smallish fish. We also had an estimated 1000 long-beaked common dolphin in the area, and there were also plenty of magnificant frigatebirds, the odd cormorant and booby.


Coming up from the water:




As they're hovering before diving in, you get the craziest poses:




And another one trying to find a good spot to plunge in.




Despite the fact that these are large birds, and often look somewhat ungainly, getting them in flight was tougher than I might have thought. Of course, being on a boat that moves around makes it considerably harder.


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Peter Connan








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Bateleur Eagle



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Oyster Catcher in flight taken in West Wales UK. But they don't catch or eat oysters :wacko:






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All photos shot handheld with a Canon 7D + 300mm/f4 IS I lens.


Western Kingbird plucking a berry from a Red Bay tree. January 26, 2013 at Seabrook Island, South Carolina.




White Hummingbird (leucistic) at "Rancho Dias" in Charleston, South Carolina. October 4, 2013.



Barn Owl in flight - Yawkey Wildlife Center, Georgetown County, South Carolina. April 16, 2014.



Roseate Spoonbill at Bear Island Wildlife Management Area, Colleton County, South Carolina. May 21, 2013.



Reddish Egret flying over Marsh Island, in the middle of Bulls Bay, South Carolina. August 10, 2013.



Wilson's Storm-Petrel bopping along at the edge of the Gulf Stream off Charleston, South Carolina. June 10, 2013.



Black-capped Petrel "jinking" over the Gulf Stream at the Charleston Bump. June 22, 2014.



Mississippi Kite swallowing a Dragonfly on the wing over "Rancho Dias" in western Charleston, South Carolina. April 28, 2013. One of a flock of 5 Mississippi Kites working the leading edge of a rain band, at the edge of the mainland and the Stono River marshes. As the rain prompted dragonflies to flee the skies above the marsh for the shelter of the trees, the Kites formed a picket line and intercepted them.



Snowy Owl found late on a cloudy day December 15, 2013 during the McClellanville, South Carolina Christmas Bird Count. We did not flush it! It chose to fly across a cove after we observed it for 1.5 hours at a respectful distance.



Mixed species feeding frenzy targeting a school of Atlantic Menhaden at Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina. Species included Common Loon, Red-throated Loon, Horned Grebe, Red-breasted Merganser, Brown Pelican, Northern Gannet, multiple gull species, and a Parasitic Jaeger. December 24, 2012.



Edited by offshorebirder
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Andean Condors, Colca Canyon, Peru








Kelp gulls and storm petrels, Bruny Island, Tasmania



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Peter Connan
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Yellow-tailed black cockatoos, Strahan, Tasmania. April 2014



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Peter Connan

Brown-hooded Kingfisher, Mhlume, Swaziland:



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Grey-headed gull, a little residential dam, Kempton Park.



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