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Show us your amphibians and reptiles from around the world...

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Rinca Island, Indonesia 2019








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I was fortunate to spend a week in the rain-forests of Costa Rica recently (Osa Penninsula, on the Pacific Coast) and spent most evenings out and about with a camera, flash and torch. It was quite a

The Green Sea Turtles of Akumal, Mexico   About 90 miles south of Cancun is an area of sandy beaches which are home to the green sea turtles. Akumal is a small settlement blessed with two of t

Found this, what I believe to have been, a fire salamander crossing our road in the night a few days back. So scooped him up in a bag and carried him across to let him go in the undergrowth - good cha

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Costa Rica 2016


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Seychelles 2017




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In November 2016 we visited Florida and made a few trips into the Everglades National Park. In the Shark Valley area we watched an American alligator who had a turtle (Florida red-bellied cooter, I believe) in his mouth. The turtle made several attempts to escape but never got quite free of the alligator's jaws. We watched for 10-15 minutes but the alligator made no attempt to actually eat the turtle before we had to leave.






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Dave Williams

@jeffb interesting shot. I guess the alligator has enough pressure with it's bite to crack open the terrapin's shell?

By coincidence, the Everglades NP was the place that rekindled my interest in wildlife as I stood and watched an Egret with a fish in it's bill. It too spent an age trying to turn the fish so it could be swallowed but after what seemed like forever it eventually lost the fish who lived to fight anther day. I'd love to go back one day but I read somewhere recently that the reduction in wildlife has been quite dramatic in the last 20 years since I visited.

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@Dave Williams  I assume it does, or else I suppose it eventually gave up and let the turtle go.


I don't know what the Everglades were like 20 years ago, but the increased visitor traffic and loss of fresh water input has certainly had a major impact. Not to mention the burmese pythons which are devastating a number of mammalian species. Its still very interesting and definitely worth a visit if you're in Florida.

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Palmato gecko in the Namib desert.


Namaqua chameleon, also in the Namib desert. 



Don't know what species, by the picture was taken at ulu muda forest reserve Malaysia (One of the best places ever)_MG_0523.jpg.767afbb229561e280057d87d372d7060.jpg

American Crocodile, Black river Jamaica. 


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Broad tailed gecko


This little dude was in my garage in Sydney the other day. It's the first time I'd ever seen one of these. I had to look up what it was!




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Awesome!  Let's look for more of these this weekend!

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Just a common toad, seen on our lockdown walk yesterday, by the river Nene


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