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Kruger - The postman delivers


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Part 1 - Kruger report

Part 2 - Will be the Vic Falls and Bostwana report

I have just returned from another South African holiday, as you know my wife’s family all live in South Africa and we visit when we can. Since Covid we have been every year.

Kruger was on the plans again and one of my brother in laws (BIL) did all the bookings.

This Kruger trip was a big family affair, we had 15 of us in total spread across 4 cars.

It was a wonderful trip with all my wife’s family including her mum and dad and 2 x lots of sisters and there husbands with kids.

We travelled from 27th December to 5th January 2024, 9 nights in total.

1 night Skukuza ( we entered via Malelane gate on the 27th December)

4 Nights Satara

2 Nights Mopani

2 Nights Lower Sabie


Overall the sightings were fantastic and it was a great family holiday in KNP.

Apologies I have an issue with downloading the photo's and will sort that out soon and get into the report.


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That is what I call a teaser. And 4 nights at my favourite camp in Kruger , I bet you had some cat sightings :) 

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Very thrilling! Looking forward to your report!

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I have been quite busy since returning from Africa and have struggled to get the photo's sorted out, my wife has jumped in and made a start.

Here are a few teaser pics to show you guys before I write the trip report and then do the Botswana report.

I'm sorry I have about another week or so before I will get stuck into the report.


























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We arrived late at Malelane gate on our arrival to Kruger, it was around 4.00pm.

The weather was overcast with a light drizzle of rain.

I was absolutely stoked to be back in Kruger and especially do it with all the family.

We were only a few km's up the road and there was a road block on a bridge crossing the Matjula river (H3 just south of the S114 turn off).

2 young male lions had killed a water buck - what a way to start the trip.

We had a brief sighting of 3 wild dog as well just north of Afsaal - nothing worthy of taking a decent photo as they were moving quickly.


My wife edited all our photo's on her I pad BUT for some reason when I go to down load on Safaritalk it just shows a black photo - not sure what is happening here - any tips anyone???









Lovely Bull Ele at Renosterpan


Hyena family near Afsaal





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A great way to start with 2 lions on a kill, but I have to ask, the lion below, is it Casper? I seen him twice in 2019  and 2022. Normally I don´t like the naming of specific animals, but there is just something spectacular about a white lion in the wild . And I can see that you saw yet another :) 



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Great photos, looking forward to this. The puffy with prey is special! 

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