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Kruger - The postman delivers


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Thanks for following along @Peter Connan, @PeterHG, @ElenaHand @Atravelynn.

@PeterHGthanks for correcting me on the Heron, I do get birds mixed up at times :) . @Peter Connanwe had our wonderful sightings and it continued for the remainder of the trip. @AtravelynnI was abit naughty letting my boy take a photo of some birds out the sunroof.


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@ElenaH, another good sight to check out the Birmingham pride which is located in Kruger, they currently have white lions with Cubs.

They seem to roam between Kruger  Orpen Gate region and Greater Kruger, Ngala private reserve.



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Posted (edited)

Okay, let's move this report on again......

Day 7 Morning drive.

After seeing the lion pride last evening we decided to drive the S50 and the first open plains section of the S143 and then head north and have brunch at Shingwedzi camp as we have never been there before.

This morning I had my 2 boys with me and one of my BIL's (brother in laws).

Driving along the S50 Nshawu Marsh area this young lady captured my eye.

We followed her for a good 30 minutes

Kruger Day 7 1.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 2.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 3.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 4.jpeg


We were the only car at this stage as Mopani region has alot less traffic.

However as we were watching her another vehicle arrived and said did you see the cubs???

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Posted (edited)

The lion cubs we saw last night were on the other side of the road.

We then spent the next 2 hours enjoying there company with only a couple of other cars with plenty of open space.

From memory there was 7 cubs.

Kruger Day 7 5.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 6.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 9.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 10.jpeg

Getting playful

Kruger Day 7 11.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 12.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 13.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 14.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 15.jpeg

They really stand out in the green grass.

Kruger Day 7 16.jpeg

Edited by Hads
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Posted (edited)

Some more playfighting continued :) 


Kruger Day 7 17.jpeg

Big paws for small cubs

Kruger Day 7 18.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 19.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 20.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 21.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 22.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 23.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 24.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 25.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 26.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 27.jpeg


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Posted (edited)

Last lot of photo's of these guys I promise.

They slowly started moving across the road towards the Marsh and no doubt to where mum and the other lioness were hiding.

Kruger Day 7 30.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 31.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 32.jpeg

My boys loved "Mr Floppy ear"

Kruger Day 7 33.jpeg

Time to get moving

Kruger Day 7 34.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 35.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 36.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 37.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 38.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 39.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 40.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 41.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 42.jpeg

Mr Floppy Ear :) 

Kruger Day 7 43.jpeg

I love this photo

Kruger Day 7 44.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 45.jpeg

Into the Marsh they go.

Kruger Day 7 47.jpeg

After a wonderful couple of hours with them we headed northwards towards Shingwedzi for Brunch.

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Posted (edited)

A few photo's of the general game for the morning drive.

Just south of Shingwedzi along the river was a very beautiful drive with lots of stunning tree's.


Kruger Day 7 48.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 49.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 50.jpeg

This guy was not in a hurry.

Kruger Day 7 51.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 52.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 53.jpeg

Always nice to see the ground hornbill.

Kruger Day 7 55.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 57.jpeg

African Hoopee

Kruger Day 7 58.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 59.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 60.jpeg

Plenty of young one's about.

Kruger Day 7 61.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 62.jpeg

Crocodiles on the remainder of a old kill.

Kruger Day 7 63.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 65.jpeg

After a nice break for brunch we took the S52 red rocks road and then the main H1-6 road back to Mopani - it had been a wonderful morning drive, we got back to camp around 1pm.

It was time for a swim and relax before a shortened afternoon drive.

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Posted (edited)

My wife and her family also had a very nice morning drive.

A couple of photo's to share.

The 2 male's to the pride we saw, we missed these guys earlier in the morning.

Kruger Day 7 66.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 67.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 68.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 69.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 2.jpeg

Edited by Hads
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Posted (edited)

The Postman does not stop..............

After a swim and lazy couple of hours it was time for our afternoon drive.

The 4 vehicle's left a few minutes apart, it was agreed that we would meet at the Mooiplaas picnic site.

My wife and her parents and sister and BIL left a few minutes earlier than us.

Each car carried UHF hand held radio's which if we were lucky had 2-3km range.

A couple arrived at Mooiplas and no one was there.

Luckily we just had range on the radio's, they had taken a detour on the Tsendze river loop and spotted a young leopard :).


A young female leopard had climbed into a tree and was trying to steal a chick or egg from a nest.

My wife took these photo's.

We all sat and watched her for about 20 minutes or so until the branch she was on snapped and the young leopard fell out of the tree.

Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 4.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 5.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 6.jpeg

A few moments later the branch had snapped , luckily she did not get hurt.

More pride damage than anything.

Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 7.jpeg

She quickly took off and we did not see her again - but wow what excitement :) 

Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 8.jpeg

Edited by Hads
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Posted (edited)

After the flying leopard left us we headed back towards the S50 marsh area and open plains off the Capricorn loop.

We found the pride males on Patrol :) 

Shawu # 3 Water hole had a large herd of water buck.

Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 9.jpeg

Plus a great big Tusker

Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 10.jpeg

We got a glimpse of the pride lioness and cubs in the deep grass quite a distance off.

Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 11.jpeg

Pride males about 3-4 km's away on the S143 Capricorn loop.

Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 12.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 13.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 14.jpeg

5 cars in total - 4 were my family :) 

Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 15.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 16.jpeg

Stunning specimen

Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 17.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 18.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 19.jpeg


Kruger Day 7 Afternoon 20.jpeg

What a sensational end to an amazing day in Kruger park.

Edited by Hads
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Posted (edited)

Day 8 - Well the Postman kept handing out the deliveries.

We were leaving this morning - the plan was to leave Mopani around 8am.

I was on my own first up as I decided to do a quick drive back to the Capricorn loop to see what I could find.


Well you guessed it  - there was a nice sighting of a different young pride of 4 male lions who had killed a Wildebeest.

This was at the Tihongonyeni waterhole.

They had plenty of company around the kill.

Kruger Day 8 1.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 2.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 3.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 4.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 5.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 6.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 7.jpeg

The early bird does catch the worm :) 

Kruger Day 8 8.jpeg

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Posted (edited)

I got back to camp very excited to what I had seen.

But it was time to go, we had a long drive south to our last stop at Lower Sabie for 2 nights.

The sightings kept coming.

Just near Tsendze camp we saw these Wild dog, they had just lost there kill to a lone Hyena.

Kruger Day 8 9.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 10.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 11.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 12.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 13.jpeg

The Hyena did have a couple of battle scars were the dogs bit him though.

Kruger Day 8 14.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 15.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 16.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 17.jpeg



Edited by Hads
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Posted (edited)

Heading further South just north of Satara.

More dogs, these guys were quite relaxed and sleepy.

Kruger Day 8 18.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 19.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 20.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 21.jpeg

One was collared.

Kruger Day 8 22.jpeg

Yellow billed kite with a kill?

Kruger Day 8 23.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 24.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 25.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 26.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 27.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 28.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 31.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 32.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 33.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 34.jpeg


Edited by Hads
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Posted (edited)

We arrived at Lower Sabie around 2.30pm.

Enough time to check in and unpack and relax.

Not everyone went for an afternoon drive.

A couple of cars took a short drive south down to the S137 and S28 and bird hide and back.

This route was a good choice.

Just south of Lower Sabie was a road block, a leopard was hiding in a sausage tree. Too many cars so we left.

Kruger Day 8 afternoon 1.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 afternoon 2.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 afternoon 3.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 afternoon 4.jpeg

Driving along the north section of the S28 my eldest boy spotted this beautiful big male leopard lazing in the grass. - "STOP DAD - LEOPARD"

Kruger Day 8 afternoon 5.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 afternoon 6.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 afternoon 7.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 afternoon 8.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 afternoon 9.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 afternoon 11.jpeg


Kruger Day 8 afternoon 12.jpeg

Welcome to Lower Sabie...........

Edited by Hads
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Peter Connan

I want to hire your postman!


Even a Nightjar in a tree! Never seen that, nor have I seen that many Black Storks congregated in one spot.

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Thanks @Peter Connan, the postman was very kind this trip.

Lots of predator sightings and unique sightings.

Self driving in Kruger is always fun.

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The look on the "flying leopard's" face when it hit the ground is pure disdain for the unsound branch.  Anyone who knows cats, knows that look.


Great leopard spotting by your son, giving the postman a little help!

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On 3/12/2024 at 8:54 AM, Peter Connan said:

want to hire your postman!

Both your postman and your son, I think! Incredible sightings and photos!

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what a splendid trip so far  @Hads- a nightjar, your own personal traffic jam and lots of predator  sightings!

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Very enjoyable trip report @Hads - I would like to get that Postman's name and schedule a delivery!


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Thanks very much to all for following along, @Peter Connan, @PeterHG, @Atravelynn, @offshorebirderand @Towlersonsafari.

The postman's name is Mr Kruger :) . He is open to deliveries 365 days per year, 24 hrs per day.

Having multiple people in the car helps find animals, and my boys were with me on nearly all the drives bar a couple of mornings.

The Nightjar was taken by my wife.

She also took the photo of the leopardess when it hit the ground.

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Posted (edited)

Day 9 -  a long drive......

We headed off early this morning in 2 cars at approximately 5am.

We headed south along the S28 towards croc bridge, the plan was to get a hot chocolate there.

It was a pleasant drive but in general pretty quiet compared to what we have been blessed with, still fantastic though.

Day 9 1.jpeg


Day 9 2.jpeg


Day 9 3.jpeg

You should really start to wash more ...........

Day 9 4.jpeg


Day 9 5.jpeg

Detour past Sunset dam on the way

Day 9 8.jpeg


Day 9 9.jpeg


Day 9 10.jpeg


Day 9 11.jpeg


Day 9 12.jpeg


Day 9 13.jpeg


Day 9 14.jpeg


Day 9 15.jpeg


Edited by Hads
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Posted (edited)

Leaving Croc bridge we headed west along a badly corrugated S25 gravel road.

2 young males quite a distance from the road.

Day 9 6.jpeg


Day 9 7.jpeg


Day 9 16.jpeg

Biyamati river low water bridge.

Day 9 17.jpeg


Day 9 18.jpeg


Day 9 19.jpeg

This is the only time in 10 days we got to see these amazing creature's :( 

Day 9 20.jpeg


Day 9 21.jpeg


Day 9 22.jpeg

Lone lioness

Day 9 23.jpeg

On the S114 there was 4-5 lazy wild dogs.

Day 9 24.jpeg


Day 9 25.jpeg


Day 9 26.jpeg


Eagle ID please - Martial ??

Day 9 27.jpeg


Day 9 28.jpeg

My youngest son took these piccies.

Day 9 29.jpeg


Day 9 30.jpeg


Day 9 31.jpeg


Day 9 32.jpeg


Edited by Hads
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Posted (edited)

Around 1pm I went filled the car up at the Lower Sabie fuel station.

I had my youngest boy with me.

I said let's take a quick at the Sunset dam and try to get a photo or 2 of some pied kingfishers, as it was very hot we didnt expect much ......

We were pleasantly surprised with what was out and about.

Nice bull ele.

Day 9 33.jpeg

I,m watching you buddy.

Day 9 34.jpeg


Day 9 35.jpeg

On the dead tree in the dam there was quite a commotion as a Goshawk was doing it's best to raid the weaver nests

Day 9 36.jpeg


Day 9 37.jpeg


Day 9 38.jpeg


Day 9 39.jpeg


Day 9 40.jpeg

As we were watching the Goshawk a female lioness appeared for a quick drink :) 

Day 9 41.jpeg 

Day 9 42.jpeg 

Day 9 43.jpeg 

Day 9 44.jpeg How good is Kruger.

Edited by Hads
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