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Show us your predator birds


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Kinda like these threads. Me & my wife been lookin at all pics posted so far and promptly decided to try to spend more time in the bush. :rolleyes:

Let's see your predator birds in action...

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.....silence! Okay, I'll be next up and give Jan a potentially wider selection of her photographs to choose from.....


Someone ask for predator birds? Technically, I'm much more predatory than a vulture. :P





Doesn't get much more predatory than this....





Ha... ha... ha! Very funny, Paul.





I refuse to dignify that with a comment....



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Giant Eagle Owl

Deception Valley, Central Kalahari GR






Brown Snake Eagle

Mapula, Moremi GR






Bateleur Eagle

Vumbura, Moremi GR






African Marsh Harrier

Xakanaxa region- Okavango Delta






African Fish Eagle (Juvenile)

Sth Luangwa NP






Pels Fishing Owl (in midday sun :o )

Sth Luangwa NP






Black-headed Heron attempting to swallow WHOLE this Scrub Hare it had caught and finally succeeded on it's fifth attempt!

Sth Luangwa NP






White-backed Vulture dropping in on a Impala carcass.






Tawny Eagle

Sth Luangwa NP.






Steppe Buzzard.

Nth Serengeti, Tanzania






Eastern Pale Chanting Goshawk

Sosian, Loisaba- Nth Kenya






Black-shouldered Kite

Loisaba, Nth Kenya






Black-chested Snake Eagle.

Masai Mara






Pygmy Falcon

Nth Serengeti, Tanzania






Secretary bird

Nth Serengeti, Tanzania.






White-backed Vulture

Nth Serengeti, Tanzania






African Fish Eagle takeoff.

Chobe river.






Augur Buzzard

Loisaba, Nth Kenya.






Eastern Chanting-Goshawk on Francolin kill.

Loisaba, Nth Kenya






Verreaux's Eagle Owl

Sth Luangwa NP.








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Magnificent pics!


(steppe buzzard - not eagle)

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Magnificent pics!


(steppe buzzard - not eagle)


Thanks Sverker


I stand corrected, I remember at the time there was much debate over this bird of prey, whether it was the Eagle OR Buzzard species.

My guide @ the time had me convinced it was an Eagle, now looking at my Birds of East Africa guide I can see it is of the Buzzard variety. ;)




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Love the secretary bird, but they're all brilliant captures.

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hmmm... ZaminOz <glancing at the cards in his hand> quietly folds.

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Lost for words - really!

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African Fish Eagle video.


5 minutes of African atmosphere ..



Click "Tube" and you will be able to see it full-screen

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Perhaps Rainbirder is able to stay in the game?

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BTW, Jochen, what has happened to your images which started this topic off?

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Goshawk in flight







Settling in Again





Eagle at Work










Waiting for Lunch

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Technically, vultures count less than kingfishers. ;) But I'm happy to have them.

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If that's from your cam trap Nappa, I want to see more...

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African Predatory birds don't come more predatory than this:

Whilst the Martial Eagle is Africa's largest eagle this bird is Africa's most powerful eagle.


Gazing into the eyes of a Crowned Eagle stirs a deep-rooted primal fear. These eagles hunt primates! In fact there is now convincing evidence to suggest that these birds hunted early hominids (eg the "Taung child": http://www.sciencedi...047248485710603 ).
Crowned Eagles hunted our early ancestors!



It doesn't end there however as Peter Steyn wrote in Birds of Prey of Southern Africa (1982): "One grisly item found on a nest in Zimbabwe by the famous wildlife artist D. M. Henry was part of the skull of a young human. That preying on young humans may very occasionally occur is borne out by a carefully authenticated incident in Zambia where an immature Crowned Eagle attacked a 20 kg seven- year old schoolboy as he went to school. It savagely clawed him on head, arms, and chest, but he grabbed it by the neck and was saved by a peasant woman with a hoe, who killed it, whereafter both eagle and boy were taken to a nearby mission hospital. The boy was nowhere near a nest, so the attack can only have been an attempt at predation."



These Eagles have been known to kill forest antelope as large as female Bushbuck -death usually results from traumatic haemorrhaging as a consequence of damage inflicted by the long powerful hind-claw!



Image taken in the Shimba Hills NP, Kenya in July 2012.

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Something to tell those who like to ride with head sticking out the roof?

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Nappa, can you start a new thread here in the Photography subforum for your cam trap images? Many thanks.

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Various Predator birds in different parks


1: ... Eagles (forgot the name) - Masai Mara

2, 3 : African Cormorand - Lake Naivasha

4: ... Falcon (name) - Lake Nakuru

5: Pied kingfisher - Lake Nakuru

6: Marabu - Lake Nakuru

7: Crested Eagle - Lake Nakuru

8: Pygmy Falcon - Amboseli

9: Crested Eagle - Amboseli

10-13: Secretary Bird - Amboseli














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Maybe I should wait until I'm home and can crop him for a better close up...but I kinda like all the branches around him..


This fish eagle was at Imbabala in Zimbabwe last week.


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