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Show us your Hippo pictures

Paul T

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Hippos .... lets see your photos. I'll get the ball rolling with these :


Masai Mara, Kenya 2009











South Luangwa NP, Zambia 2010







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Great shots Paul T, really like the pace of that last one...

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Just glad it wasn't running towards me!

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To give this topic a boost, a couple of my efforts:






Come on, who has hippo images stored on their hard drives?

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 that's a huge pod of hippo there ........

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If you’re a hippo, then I guess heaven would be living in a nice wide stretch of the White Nile, in Murchison Falls NP in Uganda or maybe in the Zambezi somewhere. Hippo hell, would have to be living in some overcrowded stinking cesspool at the height of the dry season, in a river like the Katuma in Katavi NP. I can’t say that watching hippos in this state is particularly pleasant and the smell from all the concentrated muck combined with the stench of death, from those that haven’t made it, certainly isn’t, but if you can stomach it it’s definitely interesting, especially for photography.



Ikuu Bridge






The view from the Ikuu Bridge over the Katuma River in Katavi NP TZ Sept 2002











Battle Scars





Hippo surrounded by catfish in the Katuma River Sept 2000








Hippo and croc


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Here's some more photos of hippos in Katavi NP in September 2000 there was almost no water in the Kapapa River every water hole was just churned mud how newborn calves survive in these conditions I've no idea, it's a miracle they don't all get trampled in to the mud.

















In September 2002 there was more water in the Kapapa making life a little bit easier











Although as can be seen from the jaw bones in the foreground quite a few had already died





This pool near the park HQ at Sitalike was pretty crowded but at least it had a lot more water in it, if you can still call it water.

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I've heard so much about the masses of hippos at Katavi but all these photos certainly bring it home. You have to feel some sympathy for the creatures and I wonder if it has always been this way … huge populations and drying rivers. Not only do you need a bug suit in Katavi, but obviously a gas mask as well! :rolleyes:


But Inyathi, good try at putting us off going but it isn't going to work! :P

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I had to admit that I did not open this thread as I thought hippos were boring subjects...


Was I wrong!! Some great photos shown here. Well done to all.

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It almost needs both threads to be together. Amazing that so many hippos survive this but certainly interesting. From what you've said it would seem that perhaps, historically, this very big extreme in the river wasn't so noticeable. Perhaps there is very little information on what it was like 40 or 50 years ago.

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Thanks Inyathi - those are MASSIVE pods of Hippo.

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Especially for the Game Warden :) :)


Hippos from the Zambezi, Kanyemba, Nov 2010







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A great selection of images contributed.


A couple from South Luangwa NP in June 2011





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A few Hippo pix from our first ever Safari (to the Masai Mara last month).




This was a huge beast! (photographing the hippos)







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Love the second to last close up, looks like a young 'un!

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Back off!

Female hippo, Mara River, Kenya; July 2013.

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A few hippo's from Mana Pools. October 2012.


Youngster who strangely each morning was to be found int eh river just below our camp (Mucheni 2) fat asleep on his own wedged in amongst the branches of a fallen tree. He usually woke up as we moved about above him, but never showed signs of surprise or great alarm, just gently slipping back into the main river and joining his pod. I though he looked very content whilst asleep:

2R4C8391 by Whyone, on Flickr
This fellow was ambling back to water and we gave him a very wide birth - he looked to have plenty of reasons to be grumpy:
2R4C7502 by Whyone, on Flickr
Hippo camouflage:
2R4C7525 by Whyone, on Flickr
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Wow - the hippo in pic #2 has been through it...

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Yep, must have been quite a fight. Hard to imagine what position the fighting hippo's were each in when he received the long gouge down his right rear leg?


Here's another of the same hippo:

2R4C7493 by Whyone, on Flickr
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Hey you. Get OUT of my pool NOW.

(Duba Plains, 2012)




Hippo at eye level- also Duba, just after the one on top.

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Chikwenya concession, Zambezi, Zimbabwe, November 2013


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