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I've spotted two aardvarks on safari---one at dusk moving at a good clip in South Luangwa thus no picture.  But Just a few weeks ago in late September, Tswalu, South Africa I got my pics of an aardvark!  Quite a thrill to track and follow for about 45 minutes or so :) I've got some video I shared in my TR as well...love these little guys...







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Very cool. The ones I saw at Marrick seem a lot hairier! We saw three are marrick and one at the riverine rabbit retreat. :)


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That's really cool---maybe they shed the hair a bit in the desert? :D


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While guiding guests at Tswalu Kalahari


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I know this is cheating, but @Zim Girl did ask! As a present  jane got me a "meet the Aardvark " experience at Longleat-which led to a long weekend harvest mice and meeting 3 Aardvarks who, once they woke up, were very charming, very ehavy when they stood on your foot, and not suprisinly, had sticky tongues-we were able toi feed them by holding mealworms in our hand.they also liked banana." safari" parks are of course not everyone's cup of tea but one could not fault the enthusiams of the keeper or seemingly, the welfare of the Aardvarks.They were much bigger than we expected-even though we have seen 3 in the wild, and the youngest behaved like an exuberant puppy.It was a pleasure and privilege to meet them





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Aardvark (Orycteropus afer) - Tswalu Kalahari Reserve - South Africa - September 2019





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