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Galana's sixth. Building on what was started.


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very much enjoying the throwbacks in history and the birds. 

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13 hours ago, Kitsafari said:

very much enjoying the throwbacks in history and the birds

Please forgive my non avian indulgences from time to time. There is loss opportunity as I conclude my day's Bakers Dozen. I had split them to avoid the onset of boredom that may have ensued from a straight list. Here goes..

We are still at Stinky Dubh on Langness as the tide reaches its peak and a few stragglers arrive to make up my numbers one of which was a real beauty for my island list.


There are always large flocks of Curlew around but mainly well out on the rocks and out of reach but..

sometimes one will come closer to the camera and pose.




032. Curlew. Stinky Dubh, Langness.


Another regular at this time of year......





033. Common Sheldduck.


And now for something special for me and my list...It does appear on my list regularly but usually in poor light and through vegetation. Today I had a group of at least six males in full sun and obstruction free.








034. European Shoveller. In all their glory. Never seen them here before. Stinky Dubh.


and then back to normal. Not as a target but they are always visible..there were five in a group with Grey Herns sheltering behind a stone wall but this one did  a few fly bys before deciding to settle right in front of me. I will have that.




035. Little Egret. Stinky Dubh. Langness. Reported to breed on the island now after their first arrival about 10 or 12 years ago.


And finally one I should get better examples of but it was there in full sun so why not get the year's tick out of the way now?



036. Eurasian Magpie. Langness. IOM.

That's it for now. Jobs around the house call for my attention.



Edited by Galana
photo layout
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Lots of lovely photos in your new additions 

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 I fully agree with @TonyQ! Marvellous photos of the shovelers and, yet again, what is common for some would be very special to others: like the red-billed chough for me.

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Very nice Shovellers!

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After the Monday morning chores, and baking some Scones, the intermittent sunshine tempted me out 'for an hour or so' but even as we drove it looked a bit gloomy where we were headed. To @michael-ibk's and everyone's relief the goldies were not to be seen but as it was by then overcast I would not have bothered anyway. Despite the flat ocean there was not much movement apart from some Eider and few Shags and Cormorants.So I relocated to an even quieter Ballakesh where the only glimmer of hope were some Fieldfare.

Well why not snap them before they leave rather than wait for Autumn. So...




037. Fieldfare. Ballaghennie track.

And that was it. Not even a Dunnock.


Almost home so  pulled into Vollan Carpark at the end of the Promenade. This was the only guaranteed spot for wintering Goldeneye until recently when the powers that be decided to improve the sewage outfall. Now the Goldeneye have left for easier pickings elsewhere.


But two local and regular birds took pity on me and moved my score along two more notches...




038. Pied Wagtail, Vollan. The genuine article for these islands.







039. Black-headed Gull. Vollan. Still in winter plumage and yet to grow it's Chocolate hood.


So that was all for today.

I resisted the temptation to use this as a two for one...


Substandard even for me and the year is still young.




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Dull work day today.

But if I need a fix I can always check out these Yorkshire birds.

Looks like the stream link has failed.

Just now. Live grab.


Edited by Galana
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  • 2 weeks later...

Well we had cause to take a drive today so I extended and went up to the coast which yielded nothing but Eiders and Cormorant/Shags, as well as 13 Ringed Plover running around the turf. Cute to see them come inland when not disturbed by people and doggies.

Spitting rain and time to return home empty handed but I kept my camera handy as usual and when almost home at the hamlet of Dog Mills I spotted something in a field.

From a vantage point I found about ten Barnacle Geese which are unusual on the island despite there being massive flocks just 70-100 miles away in Dumfries as my entries last November duly recorded.

So despite the drizzle and poor light I just had to use these as I cannot guarantee another sighting for the island list.





040. Barnacle Goose. Dog Mills, IOM. Complete with rain drops testing the waterproof plumage.


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Well with the calendar now reading February and Valentines Day looming when all birds choose their mate I thought to take a look at last year's Peregrine eyrie in the hope of seeing an early return.


Lucky lucky day.. They were both at home and making plans.




041.  Peregrine Falcon.  Isle of Man. Well that is looking hopeful indeed.


Back at home having garaged the car I felt the sunlight was strong enough to make another tick for the day despite the man made clutter in the shot.





Last year's Juv.

042. Eurasian Starling. Galana Towers, IOM.




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lucky you again to have the peregines nesting once more. 


ooh cool shots of the starlings.


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15 hours ago, xelas said:

You are birding overtime, Fred! 

Not really. Hardly getting out at all these past few days. "February Fill dyke." is living up to its name.

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A lull in the wind tempted me out early to see if I could find a Merlin before teh doggy walkers disturbed the coastal scrub. I failed but lack of doggy walkers had calmed the flocks of Turnstone and Ringed Plovers who were busily feeding on the short grassy areas. And my patience was rewarded when a small brown bird fluttered in among them that most certainly was not a wader.



I had sought one of these all winter in vain.

We get single numbers but I had not seen one to photograph for nine seasons.

Often described as 'confiding' but this one was a bit jittery but a bit of patient stalking got me a modest result although rear views predominated.


But eventually for the first time in my IOM BY run I broke the duck and he turned to smile at the camera, eye shine and all.



043. Snow Bunting. Point of Ayre. IOM.  Maybe I will find a Merlin another day?



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wow what an incredible turnout by the bunting. it was as if it was winking at you. 

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@Kitsafari& @TonyQ

I was rather pleased with myself on outcome with the Bunting. I have checked and it was October 2012 that I saw the last one on the IOM although I did get one on the top of Cairngorm in June 2017.

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Dave Williams

Nice one with the Bunting Fred, wonder if came over from North Wales or the Wirral?

You are fair speeding with the numbers, do I guess it's because you intend being away a lot this year?!!


Scones? Time I tried making some again, I miss my late Mum's cheese scones, they were the best!

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Sounds like the bunting was a pretty good substitute for a Merlin sighting 

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Super capture of the Snow Bunting. I didn't realise it was that long since you'd seen one. I'd have rubbed in my sightings a bit more vigorously.      :P

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14 hours ago, Dave Williams said:

You are fair speeding with the numbers, do I guess it's because you intend being away a lot this year?!!

Thanks. Planning on going away only twice in 2022 so far. I guess my results to date is partly to catch winter visitors before they leave and partly that having been under house arrest for almost two years the decorating is about as up to date as it can be so two weeks on Monday we fly to the land that God made in anger to check if He has also finished for now.


@shazdwnMerlins are not quite as hard as snow buntings although once found the buntings will pose more readily.


5 hours ago, Soukous said:

I'd have rubbed in my sightings a bit more vigorously.      :P

You mean like this??





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On 2/10/2022 at 3:19 PM, Galana said:

he turned to smile at the camera, eye shine and all.

And super sharp! 

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17 hours ago, Galana said:

You mean like this??


yes, exactly that B)

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A brief hint of sunshine was enough to draw me out this morning but I had not reckoned on the stiff NW wind starting to blow.

So on arrival at the point there was a big swell running and all sensible divers had vanished leaving only the 'usual suspects' to be scanned. There were a few Razorbills but too far off to bed worthy of a try, a few cormorants/shags doing their best to scrape some food and the resident Eiders. I have not yet shown an Eider in my list as the Drakes are such colourful birds I was saving them for a closer encounter.


So at first glance there was nothing for my lens to point at until a lone Gull bobbed by on the foaming brine.

And fresh from seeing @Soukous's puzzle I found a new bird for my list.



044. Common Gull. Point of Ayre, IOM


And given a few fly bys and with time on my hands I thought to try a few BIFs.



2nd Winter by the hood and wingtip mirror.


And while I was about it a Shag offered a suitable target too.


023 repeated.

Well given that I still needed an Eider why not strike while the iron was hot (or given the weather ) luke warm.




045. Eider. Point of Ayre. I promise to do better later but a tick is a tick and they do make a lovely couple..






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Dave Williams

Excellent BIF shots Fred. Not easy with your set up.

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