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Galana's sixth. Building on what was started.


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@Zim Girl We are such a small island that everyone , birds included, knows everyone else. We all get along fine.


10 hours ago, TonyQ said:

The kestrel in particular is lovely 

Stick around. Etosha has falcons.  More where that came from but not today.


Mentioned earlier but not portrayed.


DSCN3227.JPG.1ec60ba4c4a6b7d00d93f35b9a45f3f7.JPG 161. Abdim's Stork. Klip Pan track new lake. Two of about 500.



162. Northern Black Koorhan. Etosha.



163. Barlow's Lark. Etosha.


DSCN3246.JPG.d1e6ec26cd077f38e182e4b4006f74a6.JPGDSCN3247.JPG.3f8cb547eb001babd56fc927fe1797f9.JPG164. Yellow-billed Kite. Klip Pan track.



165. Well I might as well nail one before Darwin is proved right. Helmeted Guinea fowl. Dolomite Camp.



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Lazy birders.

Still at Dolomite Camp and sitting on my balcony.



166. (Northern ) House Martin.


DSCN3379.JPG.e3924b195af1fc0e6eba7c7cc4116ee6.JPGDSCN3390.JPG.e2f446e863fb6fe0bd2ea9bd240a9fcf.JPGDSCN3393.JPG.1ff2d33e6a64417741e382d971076852.JPG167. Greater Striped Swallow.



168. Cape Bunting. The only one I got.



169. Hartlaub's Francolin. Female and male.



170. Black-faced Waxbill.

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Good species! I've never seen either Black-faced Waxbill or Hartlaub's Francolin and your photo of the male is a beauty again!

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5 hours ago, PeterHG said:

Hartlaub's Francolin and your photo of the male is a beauty again!

And an unexpected bonus.

There I was sitting on my balcony and my reverie (snooze) disturbed by raucous calls.

And there they were on the rock where not 15 minutes earlier I had seen this Dassie Rat.


Who needs bumpy roads when it can be done from a deck chair?



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Off we go again.



171. Long-billed Pipit. Dolomite Camp but not from my Balcony.



172. Lanner Falcon. Klip pan track.



173. Capped Wheatear.  Near Klip Pan. That perch should fail on Health and Safety grounds.




174. Double-banded Courser. Dolomite area. The chick was further east a few days later but I

thought to give it it's brief moment of fame.


Finally back to that Balcony as we are not done yet.

To my left were a pair of Fig trees.

Suddenly I noticed a 'lump' on a branch where previously none had existed. Closer scrutiny

revealed it to be a much sought after small falcon.



175. Rock Kestrel. Dolomite Camp. Sorry about that darn twig. I know I could photoshop it out but

I prefer WYIWYG.

Later the Kestrel, or its twin changed location and found a friend (or food source).





It would upset my numbering if I counted the Sunbird so save that until tomorrow.

Edited by Galana
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8 hours ago, Galana said:

I prefer WYIWYG.

= What You Imagine What You Get?! No twig in my imagination, just a lovely kestrel :)

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2 hours ago, xelas said:

No twig in my imagination, just a lovely kestrel :)

Very kind of you to say so. That's how I view it too.

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Picking up where I left off yesterday brings up another five,,,


I mean hows often does one get two ticks for the price of one?




176. Dusky Sunbird. A chair on a balcony in Tent 15 in Dolomite Camp. Me that is not the bird.



177. Pririt Batis. Not from my chair but whilst stood waiting for the buggy to take us to dinner.


Leaving my balcony I took a record of a Rook.



178. Cape Rook. Dolomite Waterhole. Etosha.




179. Kori Bustard. Main track. Dolomite location.



180. Red-necked Falcon. Klip Pan track. Etosha. Virtually guaranteed in Etosha.



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Today's daily five are:-



181. Temminck's Courser. Etosha.  The only one we saw the whole trip.



182. Great White Egret.  Olifantsbad. (I think.)




183. Little Grebe or Dabchick. The first was Olifantsbad the second Mundulea.



184. European BeeEaters. Gemsbokvlakte.



185. Marabou Stork. Gemsbokvlakte.


Until tomorrow when I can promise something special.

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More to add to the score.DSCN4234.JPG.b11c192325f3fa80cd5f4c088b621aac.JPGDSCN4235.JPG.77e276c81566eee1bbe4d1f7e6f1eec6.JPG

186. Rufous-naped Lark.  Otjiwarongo area.

No doubts with this but what is this?? Same but different?


Happy with another tick but I think it is just a paler version from further west.


Moving on to a special sighting.


187. Red-footed Falcon. (female). Charitsaub, Etosha. Nothing else fits even after tweaking the image.



DSCN3717.JPG.67348db18c02ca798df6769ac63284f5.JPG188. Tawny Eagle. Rietfontein. I have ruled out Wahlberg's due to rounded head and lack of crest as well as sheer size.



189. Great Sparrow. Halali. Best I could do.



190.Red-headed Finch. Chudop track. I tried but could not find a nice breeding male.

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Today's collection is served early...




191. Red-billed Quelea.  Chudop track.



192. Melodious Lark. Rhino Drive West.



193. Blue Crane. Sueda. Note the Radio tag.


Now for something special and not an EBC in sight.

We came across a flock of raptors feeding on insects just by Rietfontein waterhole. The first views were not that good but by moving the car I got clearer views despite the distance becoming  greater. However the birds took little heed of me poking a camera at them and even provided fly bys for my amusements but were way too quick for decent close ups. Never mind. They were not lifers, I had seen them in Tsavo East, Kenya, but they still are quite special and photogenic. Indulge me.



Note the white underwing. Amur falcon, male. but the defining field mark is seen here more clearly..1-DSCN3864.JPG.60df0718c14ce39ad5ce76abe65a4a0a.JPG

No doubts.





Then come the ladies....



194. Amur (Eastern Red-footed) Falcon. Rietfontein meadows.



Beyond reasonable doubt and if that was not enough there was this lady sharing the feast so a mixed flock but by coincidence as I only spotted it when selecting shots for this thread, also confirmation of my Red-footed Falcon (187) of earlier.


Finally, although it seems a pity to stop short of 200...




195. Wood Sandpiper. Goas waterhole.

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I am on a Raptor Roll so will do a double edition today.


A damp morning after rain in the night brought our only Black-shouldered Kite of the trip.



196. Black-shouldered Kite. Rhino Drive. Etosha.


Then back at the Chalet in Halali my pre dinner Aperitif was disrupted by the local striped Squirrels making more fuss than usual.

This is what I saw on looking out.....

DSCN3961-001.JPG.c38d64182c2244d20905dd7c9a007017.JPGZooming in...


The cause of Squirrel nightmares.




197. Shikra (Little banded Goshawk) Bush Chalet 57 Halali Camp. I forgave the squirrels. Those eyes would bother me too.



198. African Jacana. Rietfontein. One of very few we saw.



199. Steppe Buzzard. Halali. 


Sadly keeping things in order I have nothing special for 200.

Just this..



200. Eastern (Long-tailed ) Paradise Whydah. Mundulea Gate waiting for our escort.

Bit of a let down but the best I could do.

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And he passes the #200 ... congratulations are deserved as not everybody is dedicated as you are!

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Well done on reaching 200, special in itself whatever the bird.

You have a superb collection of raptors- very enjoyable 

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Congratulations on reaching the 200 mark! Lovely collection of raptors, with many really beautiful shots.

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200 already, and many more to come no doubt. Congrats.

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Congrats on the 200th and the wonderful birds that built to the landmark.

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Thanks everyone. It's better than all of last year so that is a start.


Here is today's batch....Warning may contain EBCs.:D



201. African Golden Oriole. Mundulea Bush Camp.



202. Acacia Pied Barbet. Mundulea.




203. Golden-breasted Bunting. Mundulea.


Whilst out walking and checking a rocky outcrop for Rockrunners we saw three Raptors patrolling the cliff and managed a fly by or two.



204. African Hawk Eagle. Mundulea.


Not so clear as it refused to show itself clearly.....



205. Carp's Black Tit. Mundulea.

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And today's Plat du jour is......

almost inedible..



206. Yellow-billed Hornbill (Flying Banana) Mundulea.





207. African Paradise Flycatcher. Mundulea Camp. Two pair nesting in the camp.




208. Dwarf Bittern. Mundulea.



209. Willow Warbler. Mundulea.



210. Marico Sunbird with leaves..Mundulea.

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I was getting ready to congratulate you on 100 when you shoot by with 200. Great black shouldered kite shots

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Dave Williams

Some excellent birds there Fred. Really pleased you got to see...as well as hear... the Hartlaub's Francolin/Spurfowl at Dolomite. It was a standout memory for me. The racket they make is unbelievable but they appeared as dawn was breaking and I was lying on my balcony floor trying to get a shot in very poor light. You did a lot better than I managed. Well done indeed.

Oh and 200 up too...excellent!

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My will to visit Namibia is only increasing and I still have to go back to your TR.


Congrats on the second ton!!

Edited by pedro maia
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For the final five we dig deep into our imagination and EBC land.



211. Bennett's Woodpecker. Mundulea. At least the field marks are visible which was more than the bloody bird's head.



212. Brubru Shrike. Mundulea. Not saying I could have focussed better but I was unsighted and handed the camera to another. Nice leaves though.:(



213. Deidric's Cuckoo. Mundulea.




214. White-bellied Sunbird. Mundulea. Phew. Not all rubbish.


DSCN4303.JPG.13c983ade97108b579fb68a797f76e66.JPGDSCN4304.JPG.183391943f830409630e16a36b1d4f09.JPGDSCN4305.JPG.2de32560a161353b431a34e8d88f3c44.JPG 215. Yellow Canary. Frans Indongo Lodge.


That is it from Namibia. I make it 167 for the trip.

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6 hours ago, Dave Williams said:

You did a lot better than I managed. Well done indeed.

Oh and 200 up too...excellent!

Thanks. I was on the balcony but seated comfortably. But I might have missed them if they had not made such a racket.


4 hours ago, pedro maia said:

My will to visit Namibia is only increasing

Another of our members is heading there as I write this. You should go. It is a lovely place.

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167 for Namibia is a great score! congrats on the  list. i still recall when we went to Tswalu and were hoping for birds and we were told they were all LBJs. But then we went during the non-migratory season and your list shows how varied the birds can be even in a supposedly desert country!

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