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Zvezda & Alex BY attempt #8


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Also in 2023 birding will be an important part of our travels, local and foreign. If a target has to be set, let me say: 500.


First birds are usually taken in our garden.



 BY 001  /  SI 001

Great Spotted Woodpecker  /  Dendrocopos major


Ljubljansko Barje    8-Jan-2023

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Why not. Last year (2022) there were 33 birds spotted in our garden. I must have spent way too many hours at home :wacko:?!

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I don’t think I have that much in my small garden but you never know and until this year I wasn’t so attentive anyway ;)

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You will be surprised how many different species call your property home.

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A very nice start! African Woodpeckers seem rather boring compared to European and South American ones...

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A man with a target. Good for you Alex and a  beautiful start!

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Next garden bird. Standing on the balcony in near freezing temperature is not my "cup of tea" :wacko: ... but if I want to reach the yearly target ... And that male did pose nicely.


BY 002  /  SI 002

Eurasian Blackbird  -  Turdus merula


Ljubljansko Barje    8-Jan-2023 Ljubljansko Barje    13-Jan-2023

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A very nice sunny day was perfect for our first visit to Škocjanski Zatok in 2023. While weather was perfect, most of the birds kept themselves out of reach. As there will be many more visits to this birding location I will post only those that were close enough for a decent photo.



BY 003  /  SI 003

Eurasian Magpie  -  Pica pica


Škocjanski zatok    14-Jan-2023



BY 004  /  SI 004

Meadow Pipit  -  Anthus pratensis


Škocjanski zatok    14-Jan-2023



BY 005  /  SI 005

Common Chaffinch  -  Fringilla coelebs


Škocjanski zatok    14-Jan-2023



BY 006  /  SI 006

Common Chiffchaff  -  Phylloscopus collybita


Škocjanski zatok    14-Jan-2023


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A nice start! will 500 seem too conservative for you and Zvezda?! we shall see by mid-April. :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Second part of January brought us some winter delights although birds did not appreciate them as much as we did. 


BY 007  /  SI 007

Eurasian Blue Tit  -  Cyanistes caeruleus


Ljubljansko Barje    18-Jan-2023



BY 008  /  SI 008

Marsh Tit  -  Poecile palustris


Ljubljansko Barje    18-Jan-2023



BY 009  /  SI 009

Great Tit  -  Parus major


Ljubljansko Barje    20-Jan-2023



BY 010  -  SI 010

European Robin  -  Erithacus rubecula


Ljubljansko Barje    20-Jan-2023


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That foreign white stuff makes for beautiful photos Alex!

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A short walk on a sunny day along the Kamniška Bistrica river, Domžale on 2-Feb-2023.


BY 011  /  SI 011    

Mallard  -  Anas platyrhynchos




BY 012  /  SI 012

Common Merganser  -  Mergus merganser

(aka Goosander)






BY 013  -  SI 013    

Eurasian Collared-Dove  -  Streptopelia decaocto

(was hoping for a Dipper)




BY 014  /  SI 014    

Gray Heron  -  Ardea cinerea





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Nice shots Alex!

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Dave Williams

I see Zvezda has allowed you centre stage with your shots Alex or is she just giving you a head start!

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She is just giving me some head start, Dave. Soon it will be her time, in much warmer climate :lol:!

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Nice picture of the Heron in front of the waterfall.

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My first ever on-line posting on eBird from Monte Lussari.


It has to be an Alpine Chough as I am skiing on the Alps :D!



BY 015 / IT 001

Yellow-billed Chough - Pyrrhocorax graculus


Monte Lussari   10-Feb-2023

Edited by xelas
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Back to proper birding and better equipment. All from Škocjanski Zatok on 11-Feb-2023.



BY 016  /  SI 015    

Common Shelduck  -  Tadorna tadorna




BY 017  /  SI 016    

Eurasian Curlew  -  Numenius arquata




BY 018  /  SI 017    

Little Egret  -  Egretta garzetta






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  • 2 weeks later...

While preparing for the (first) upcoming overseas trip it is time to "clean" the folders with local birds. First batch is from Škocjanski Zatok on 14th January 2023.



BY 019  /  SI 018    

Eurasian Wigeon  -  Mareca penelope



BY 020  /  SI 019    

Gadwall  -  Mareca strepera



BY 021  /  SI 020    

Common Moorhen  -  Gallinula chloropus



BY 022  /  SI 021    

Greylag Goose  -  Anser anser



BY 023  /  SI 022    

Common Greenshank  -  Tringa nebularia


BY 024  /  SI 023    

Black-headed Gull  -  Chroicocephalus ridibundus


Edited by xelas
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From walking along the Kamniška Bistrica on February 2nd, 2023.


BY 025  /  SI 024    

Grey Wagtail  -  Motacilla cinerea




BY 026  /  SI 025    

Pied/White Wagtail  -  Motacilla alba




BY 027  /  SI 026    

Eurasian Jay  -  Garrulus glandarius


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More birds from Škocjanski Zatok, visited on 11th February 2023.



BY 028  /  SI 027    

Black Redstart  -  Phoenicurus ochruros




BY 029  /  SI 028    

Yellow-legged Gull  -  Larus michahellis




BY 030  /  SI 029    

Eurasian/Green-winged Teal  -  Anas crecca


Edited by xelas
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Winter time balcony birding this year was not as rewarding as in previous years. Too cold or too cloudy were the outside conditions. Still there were a couple of nice shots taken.



BY 031  /  SI 030    

Dunnock  -  Prunella modularis





BY 032  /  SI 031    

Great Cormorant  -  Phalacrocorax carbo





BY 033  /  SI 032    

Common Buzzard  -  Buteo buteo





BY 034  /  SI 033    

Hooded Crow  -  Corvus cornix



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