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@Tom Kellie


Hi Tom,


The Mara Conservancy i.e., Seiya Ltd. (http://maratriangle.org/about-us/background/) administers the Mara Triangle (the western most part of the Mara bordered by the Mara River, Oloololo Escarpment and Tanzanian boarder. Narok County administers the rest of the Mara. Brian Heath is the main man and I believe that Seiya also separately administers the Mara North Conservancy. The Triangle tends to be less crowded and better maintained then the rest of the Mara. Also, Matt did an interview w/ him a few years ago -








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Taken at Hwange in November 2013  

Finally found a spare hour to edit an image - South Luangwa 2007

OK, found a couple of pics..   Talek in Masai Mara   The Talek brothers   Also from Talek in Masai Mara   Lake Nakuru   Lake Nakuru,     Hey Brother, what to do with him?

Posted Images


Hi all, first post so please be gentle. When I get time I'll put a bit of a trip report together from a 4 day safari at Camp Hwange, Zimbabwe this month.

Here's a couple of Vusi which we saw early one morning. This was my first serious attempt at wildlife photography as landscapes is my normal expertise.


Camera settings are: Canon 5DS / 100-400mm MK2 / ISO 1000 / 227mm / F8 at 1/250 on manual setting.



Canon 5DS / 100-400mm MK2 / ISO 1000 / 400mm / F8 at 1/640 on manual setting and converted to b+w in lightroom



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I don't think I have posted these photos here. If I did, I am sorry :)


My most horrible sighting ever


Sabi Sand (South Africa)


Lions vs wild dog :(



















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@@bettel No competition there. The lions are huge compared with that poor dog.

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Chitabe, Botswana, 2005. Just another lion sitting around image. But I do like his unique markings, like the dark spot on his muzzle and dark forelegs.



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Serengeti, Tanzania 2013






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Tom Kellie


What Thinkest Thou, Milady?

Photographed at 6:33 pm on 29 April, 2014 in Samburu National Reserve, Kenya, using an EOS 1D X camera and an EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II super-telephoto lens.

ISO 800, 1/160 sec., f/3.2, 400mm focal length, handheld Manual exposure.


This lioness was resting with other pride members on the banks overlooking the Ewaso Nyiro River. There were no other vehicles present, giving the sense of a private sighting.

After more than ten minutes she stood up, turned toward us, and licked her mouth. I wondered what thoughts were passing through her mind. Perhaps simply, “I'm famished”.

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Peter Connan

@@Tom Kellie, seldom does one get the feeling of danger and helplessness as acutely as when looking into the eyes of a lion!


Thank you.

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Taken in Mara


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This was taken in Mara this year, kinda reminds me of The Ghost and the Darkness.


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~ @@mmackwan


That must be every wildebeest's worst nightmare!

Tom K.

For sure Tom Kellie, unfortunately lions in Tsavo aren't this pretty :)

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Awesome Cat photo's here - what a section of the website.




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Tom Kellie

~ @@Hads


Those lions resting on the road are something!

I've never seen anything quite like that.

Thanks so much for adding to the quality of this lion thread!

Tom K.

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Sunday Pan Waterhole Central Kalahari Botswana. He is just so beautiful :)




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Tom Kellie

~ @@penolva


His beauty is brought out to best effect by your superb photography.

I like this one a lot!

Thank you.

Tom K.

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Wild Dogger

Desert-adapted lion on a sand dune close to Skeleton Coast, Namibia.



I have converted the picture into b&w and adapted sepia filter.

Also I cloned the radio collar.

In this area all predators seem to have these collars.
We saw a brown hyena having one and also witnessed the researcher collaring a Leopard.
On a video shown in the camp, it seems he has collared all lions in the area. Also he said, he recently collared 2 Cheetahs.

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Tom Kellie

~ @@Wild Dogger


Thank you for the photo and for the background information.

That collaring is going on with such a high rate is interesting to know.

Seeing the researcher collaring the leopard sounds like an interesting experience.

Tom K.

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