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Kingfisher Safaris

This was the second the pair. By the way this was all in Khwai, Botswana.







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Lioness perched on a bluff overlooking the Ewaso Ngiro River in Samburu NP. She is watching some Desert Warthogs drinking at a small pool. January 2016.


Young male Lion padding along a riverside bluff in Samburu NP. January 2016.



Young Lioness, Samburu NP. January 2016.



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Lone male Lion - Mara Naboisho Conservancy, January 2016.






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Willow the Lioness carrying her first litter of cubs to a new den site. Four Wheel Drive Lugga, Mara Naboisho Conservancy. January 2016.










Willow patrolling the area around her new den site later in the day



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Two Acacia Pride members having a grooming session near Mara North Airstrip. Mara North Conservancy. January 2016.




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Marsh Pride females, Maasai Mara National Reserve. January 2016.




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Lost Lion cubs - members of the Offbeat Pride. Mara North Conservancy. January 2016. The cubs were safely reunited with the pride two days later.





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Some smashing photos uploaded recently, thanks @everyone.



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Young adult female hunting alone. In the Sabi Sands on a wet morning,




Nikon D7100, 1/500 sec, f/5.6, ISO 1600, 80-400mm @ 400mm. Sptember 2015

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Tired and thirsty at the end of a very hot day. Kgalagadi, October 2016.


Nikon D610, Sigma 150-600mm Sport, 1/640 sec, f/7.1, ISO 3600, 400mm.


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Male lion in amongst thick undergrowth at Erindi game reserve, Namibia June 2016


David Taylor






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Selinda, November 2015



Let's hear it for termite mounds.

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Morkel Erasmus

A magnificent male lion I photographed at Okondeka in Etosha last month.

This pride has two prime males in control.




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During a visit to Tarangire N.P. in July 2015, we were fortunate enough to sit quietly on our own and observe a beautiful lion couple doing what comes naturally. We were in their presence for about 45 minutes during which time they mated 3 times. It was a great privilege to witness such an intimate moment in their lives and remains one of our most treasured wildlife experiences to date.

Image 1: Male.

Image 2: Female.

Image 3: 'Love is in the Air'.

Image 4: Copulation 1.

Image 5: 2.






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A cub, Sth Luangwa Sept' 2016.


Mwamba Pride. I don't know what they are looking at but it's in serious trouble.


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@@Geoff that looks like a good number of cubs - the pride is doing well. do they have new male lions in control now (vs the two brothers 2 years ago)?

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@@Geoff that looks like a good number of cubs - the pride is doing well. do they have new male lions in control now (vs the two brothers 2 years ago)?


@@Kitsafari Yes, a new young coalition of 3 known as the Numbu boys. Unfortunately one of the 3 took a disliking to year old male cubs. He chased them away from the pride whilst the cub's mother was mating with his brother. I didn't like their chances of survival and I later heard that one of the cubs has been killed and the other had not been seen for awhile. The lion dynamics was in a state of flux with the Hollywood boys across the river (one of them presumed killed by a hunter) and the Numbu boys trying to take control of the Hollywood pride as well as the Mwamba pride. The Hollywoods had not accepted them and were busy trying to steer clear of the 3 boys. We watched one Hollywood mother with 3 tiny cubs, she had killed a zebra and left a large portion of the kill near the den site. Unfortunately 2 of the Numbu boys found the kill and also the den, she hid the cubs but had to run. One morning we watched the 2 males (although full with meat) actively searching for the cubs. We never knew the outcome. ...I took thousands of images of this pride.


Another Mwamba cub playing inside a buffalo carcass, Sth Luangwa 2016


Cub greeting adult female


another cub.


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I just saw this post and started to view some of the pics---amazing shots! Mine don't compare in quality or clarity but I think I have some good ones to share:


These lions are unusual in that I saw them in the Gir Forest of India---there are some differences with their African cousins including a flap of skin down the middle of their belly I was told. This was a number of years ago---you're not supposed to leave the road and not supposed to leave the vehicle (sound policy)...however, the guide leaped out armed with nothing but a large stick and I followed in hot pursuit without even thinking about what I was doing! In a minute we were just yards away from a pride of Asiastic lions ---I do think Indian lions have a reputation for being more tolerant of humans but nonetheless it was likely a stupid thing to do:





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And here are some of the African variety:


Some of the Four Musketeers near Governors Camp in the Mara


Phinda in KwaZulu Natal-- the fixed stare of a lioness sends chills down your spine


Bloodied muzzle in the Serengeti-- they were working on a fresh baby zebra kill




Making the rounds on Chief's Island Botswana


Safety in mom's arms


Hunting mom's tail! Ruaha sand river bed


Tree climbing lions at Lake Manyara, TZ


After dawn in the Mara


I think we were told this grimace is checking the air for a lioness in estrus -- elles in background


This cub looks so innocent--I've seen enough documentaries to know a lion's life is a rough life!


She doesn't want to share--giraffe carcass with not much left in South Luangwa post-6239-0-73362100-1485141514_thumb.jpg

Male in Timbavati, SA


Little cub is ready to roar


Chief's Island -- she passed so close to the open vehicle, it was unnerving



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@@Geoff I'm not sure it serves any real purpose it just sort of hangs down a little bit farther than the surrounding skin. Divides them right in two...it's been a good while since I was there but it seemed most pronounced on the females if I remember correctly.

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