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Wow! you certainly had some amazing sightings in Matusadona. Lions and leopards - very exceptional. and 8kg of luggage? seriously? My camera gear weighs twice that.

:) @@Soukous, it is pretty obvious I do not carry "camera gear"!


I post pics to help the story line but they are not from a serious camera or photographer :wacko: ( and a blurry eye pattern persists!) By now everyone is aware. so I dont even try to compete in the photo section!



we'll have to work on that. With so many amazings sightings you could bring back some terrific photos - and - as I am certain he is a perfect gentleman - Jud could carry the camera gear for you. :D


Yes @@Soukous, We would have to work on that....He has a DSLR Cannon something or other with several lenses and he did NOT take them.


I hate to admit it is not all about capturing the photo as much as being in the moment :wacko: Now if I can "click" quick and get something I'm pretty happy. They don't leave my computer unless its here on ST or FB.

So something to WORK on...


private lessons?

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I am heading out for a week so will finish this up quick so @@Game Warden can begin his!! ^_^ along with @@Safaridude...can't wait to read it!


Lions near Somalissa Acacia Hwange out in full force watching a water hole full of zebras, and ellies along with the ever present impala


Craig keeps his tools of the trade by the door, waiting for us to gather and go




We felt for sure one of the three lioness along with the two boys, "Cecil" and "Jerhrico" would have fine dining as we watched them slowly make their way across the golden grasses of Hwange. I did love the look of this area with the water beyond the grass....never knowing what may happen.


This one plopped down in the road until her two siblings walked by signaling they were moving on





They watched the water hole forever from a distance and slowly made their way




Then the boys took interest; crossed the road and we thought for sure there'd be some running involved.





The larger of the two came, sat and watched the events around the waterhole






It was a dark and stormy evening......



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However, rules are rules and we had to get moving. The storm was brewing with me; I was on pins and needles and could not believe I had to leave this most incredible mix of predators and very relaxed groups. No I don;t want to go....you have to be kidding!


The grass was so golden, the lions so well camouflaged....oh well, win some, miss some. Thats life in the bush.


Moving on to Camp Hwange the next morning, so only the lions know. what happened..but storms were indeed brewing with all those zebras, impalas and elies at one spot. I have to mention yet again, we've never been to a country where so many animals shared rather peacefully their watering holes.


Our flying did not pan out on this transfer as the airstrip had some issues. Oh those roads...ouch.

But we stopped at a few lookouts and met some interesting people (again Craig knew them...safari enthusiasts all know one another)


Arrival at Camp Hwange and our greeting here......







Not a proper full on shot which I would have liked, but I had to stop them for me to get a shot. I was afraid I'd not see another and Sable are so gorgeous; if we had not been on the road for almost four hours I might have been whining to stop and stay...longer.


Camp Hwange was a pleasant surprise for us. Not only is it a gorgeous looking camp; tents , the interiors, great views; the staff was so friendly and really involved in their wildlife. They all seem to know what was going on where, and when returning from a drive or walk, someone always wanted to know what we had seen and where. The dining guys would tell me how they hoped to one day be a guide and they start out working at camps; the two managers we met always smiling and asking about our day; and the three other guides we met...I'd go with any of them for a special day.


For us (lucky us) the game viewing was full and interesting....Beyond the Sable we saw everyday herds of Roan together, which Craig said was very rare....and I believe whatever Craig tells me :rolleyes:


Signing indemnities and I look out the window....


nice view




and when driving out....




and Kudu


and Buffalo




it was wild and crazy. And here I thought I'd be writing my TR from the days before as I'd see nothing ^_^


Lucky....that is what we were and we were saturated with wildlife.


This was the view from our room....the staff said elies never came to this waterhole (why?) and yet everday one elie came in... I couldn't wait for him to show up....





Walking is not that big in Hwange as its so grassy, but Craig took us to a lovely spot full of Kjopkes; we spent a few hrs strolling around, seeing birds, impala, a kudu and giraffes. It was a great morning for anyone who loves to walk. There is so much more to see on a walk than an elie charging and we appreciate "All Things Africa"







And of course, lions! Full, Sleepy lions, but I am not picky especially as our safari is coming to an end....I want to soak it all in and want to stay our forever..send me my dinner, please.


With the Buffalo Kill





So full they need support of a tree branch




And a stubborn Dagga boy saying come on, try if you will





It's difficult to select out of all the interactions we had in Hwange; but it'd take forever. Yes, my mind was exploding at the amt. of game; and Craig would just say, you are two lucky ones. From what I've heard, yes we were. Picked the perfect time for sure.


Craig has some favorite water pans and we'd visit them every evening; none ever disappointed. One day we watched a herd of elies drinking, quite a few....then the Buffalo came and a few of them tried pushing the elies out. Succesful, with one exception -


this old guy refused to leave.




At the same pan another day we spent hours with a family and the kids naturally had their mud baths.. we got out and sat with them....it is awesome I must tell you to be at ground level and not in a seat!




Another time we slid out of the jeep and watched for quite a while in near darkness....well it was getting right dark..elies splashing and playing like kids in the spring portion of the pan


One....had a blue eye! Something we'd never seen




A very special encounter on the way out one morning; there was a den of baby jackels. As we were on the road we had a bit of a roadblock


Waiting for mom?





and a curious one




Thanks to all of you following me along on our Zim adventure. It truly was memorable and one we won't forget. I did skip some parts as I could have spent a year talking about everything, but I hope I showed enough to warrant more interest. The one thing we heard from every camp - truly - was they do not get Americans to Zimbabwe.


I understand as it is not on the radar for safari-goers here in the U.S. as Europe, Asia, and South Pacific. If not for all here on Safaritalk, Zim would never have been on our list. This beautiful county is full of friendly, welcoming, wild life loving people, great camps; and -




Highly recommended If ONLY we were closer.


One last sunset





Thank you again for your support and kind remarks on this adventure. You all are very generous.

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What a terrific safari, thanks for sharing with us as it was such a pleasure to see it through your eyes.

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Thank YOU @@graceland ,


this has been a terrific trip report. Your love for "all things African" always shine through, and that´s what makes it such fun to read. Hwange really looks super, bit of a relief you saw Sable and Roan (and herds to boot!), they were a big reason for me to include Hwange next year.


Now, don´t stop pestering your husband, and you will be returning soon hopefully... :)

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@@graceland - thanks for sharing your Zim adventure with us ............. Loved every post!!! Thank You!!!!!

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Fabulous! I LOVE the jackal pups, they are so adorable! Wonderful to see the sable, love the lazing lions being held up by a fallen tree, love the photo of all the buffalo and the one ele! And I really like that photo of the giraffe framed by branches. Thanks for sharing your great adventure!

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Yes, what a huge pleasure it was to read this report in its entirety today. You were amazingly lucky with the leopards in Matusadona and I am so jealous of the roan! But the sheer densities of wildlife you encountered everywhere was even more amazing! There is indeed a Noah's Ark feeling to Zimbabwe and I think it does feel spiritual in the best and most expansive sense of the word.


I think your photos on this were superb - there are many special ones in the report! What a wonderful trip but I have to say this, the writer was even better than her sightings :) You capture the feelings and emotions so vividly that it is easy to imagine oneself being swarmed by bees, squatting with eles and crawling up to lions! That is what makes your reports so unique. Thanks for the ride - it was exhilerating!

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Up to page 4 @@graceland. You are shining and so is Zimbabwe. What a wonderful trip so far (just got to your lions). I won't peek to see what is next but look forward to reading it,

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I so loved your enthusiasm for Zimbabwe. Its wildlife, its people and the countryside around you. I smiled through every post and I hope this encourages more people to go and discover just what an amazing place it is.

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This make me wish I were not leaving this morning for my "girls" get away - could be some cheetahs in this group :P -- I would hang around and talk Zim some more.


I appreciate more than you'll ever know the fact youall even read my report and seemed to enjoy it as well. It's pretty easy when you find a place that truly captures and captivates.


I was not prepared for the uniqueness of Zimbabwe, not only Mana but the entire country and countrymen I encountered. I loved Kenya and Botswana, however there is something about flying over Zim and into each park on a sand strip with not one other vehicle near. Zebras and elies watching us land, along with a few baboons; waiting for a camp vehicle to come - the anticipation mounting. The beauty from the bounty of Mana to the stark trees of Lake Kariba onto the golden bush of Hwange. A great combo.


Your words are very special to me; a very supportive gang of ST'rs with so many experiences and travels to admire.


Now I am sorry I rushed through Hwange. Matt and Safaridude have to fill in the blanks!!


Looking forward to getting my safari fix by all the reports to come in the next year!




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Thanks @@graceland. It has been a pleasure to 'travel' with you through Zim. It seems to have touched your heart. :D

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@@graceland thanks for writing such a funny and joyous report. It made me feel like I was back there :D

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Thank you for a really enjoyable report - your writing carries us along on your journey givong us your enthusiasm and love for what you are seeing. It is illustrated really well to give a real flavour of what you saw. Hwange sounds great - but so does the whole trip!

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It has been a great ride...thanks for taking us along!

Love the little jackals.

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adorable jackals! your enthusiasm for Zim is so infectious. thank you for taking the time to share the trip with us - it's been fun and exciting!

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Thanks @@graceland, you certainly saw a huge variety of wildlife.


The roan herd was very special, dogs and those cute jackal pups. Hwange certainly finsihed on a high note.

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The ele welcoming committee went all out for you! Some of them literally s t re t c he d out for you, really reaching up the tree!


"we actually bicker over who is going to take the pic..ending up missing the shot!" This is hilarious. Special commendations to whichever one of you ended up being the loser and had to shoot the photo of the drinking ele in Post #63 and the zebra.


Your Mana Pools account is so heartfelt I feel like I was there walking, fishing, losing a contact and I don't even wear them. That initial video is fantastic. All the b&ws really work well. Rhino Camp next.

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@@graceland thanks a bunch!!!! We have always found Zim beautiful, the people interesting and nice in addition to great game viewing. Please feel free to add a few p.s.'s after you return from your girl's getaway. I am certain that there are a few tidbits that you have forgotten to tell us!

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  • 4 weeks later...

I really enjoyed your trip report. My husband and I are safari novices. Zimbabwe was our first safari and reading your report brought back many wonderful memories. :)

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Thank you for a wonderful, comprehensive TR. Too very bad that we missed each other by a few hours.


Those jackal pups… aren't they the best?

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How nice to wake up this morning and see some replies to my OLD TR (as so many new and great ones - might I say the "Dudes and GW's par excellence" on a grand scale)


But thank you @@Double Dare and @@Safaridude for taking the time to read my wordy, yet mostly picture free report.


OH the jackel pups as we were leaving; a moment to take a pic...then we were gone. drat. Darlings of course.


I have not figured out how to take snaps while walking! Esp. when my guide is constantly either by silent motions, or quietly whispering, STAY STILL. How do you take a pic while staying perfectly still and holding ones' hands around the knees for support? A question that has bothered me since our second day in Mana Pools....


But I will say - even after being home 2 months - it was the MOST adventurous, breathtaking, adrenalin and game gratifying safari ever.


And for me even better. I had eye candy every moment between my DH (who is so generous to a fault with my safari wishes) and our experienced & charming - and quite handsome, guide :rolleyes: CVZ; and what else ~ gorgeous species of wildlife beyond my dreams.


I do have the regret of being SO close, yet so far from the team of Safaridude and Game Warden. I did sulk a bit the day I missed them. :(


But I turned lemon into lemonade, well g*t's; and indulged in a few to get over the major distress. (They use lemons in Africa; we use limes....wonder why?)


Now, I am dreaming; where - when - what in Africa.


@@Double Dare; I had rarely in the past five years given Zim a thought. So odd to think that, but as one camp mgr mentioned to me; Americans rarely come here....I just don't think the safety word has spread - but as a novice you went first. Good for you!

Edited by graceland
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Your note waiting for me in Camp Hwange @@graceland brought a tear to this old Game Warden's eye. Thank you :)

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Your note waiting for me in Camp Hwange @@graceland brought a tear to this old Game Warden's eye. Thank you :)

:rolleyes: Hated missing the Boss Man and the Dude more than you know.

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You know this report makes me want to go back to Zim all over again :)

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