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GAME: name that bird!


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White headed buffalo weaver?


Correct. I knew I was being too kind :rolleyes:

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Pin Tailed Whydah ?


Yup. Breeding male.


Your turn again!

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No guesses ? OK here's a clue - its a Southern African bird rather than East African.

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Some of us have to leave the web sometimes (to drive home & eat dinner etc) :D



Crimson breasted shrike!

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someone with too much time on their hands? :D

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I am surprised nobodu recognises an eaglingo!


Nyamera; close, but a flameagle is brown, with a flamingo-like bill.


(pic came from a friend, so I'm not the one with too much time on his hands ...at least not this time)




Ok seriously then;



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Nope and nope.


OK,some tips.


- We're looking for something bigger than a chat.

- this is a juvenile. The first year these birds have some black in their crown (which turns paler later) and rufous in their primaries (which turns into the same color as on their backsides).

- it does not like building nests

- turacos are from the same order


NOW you really should find it...

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